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With Wireshark installed on your laptop, you will need to have your laptop capturing the data flowing between the IP Office and the Ethernet switch it is connected to.

If you connect your laptop to another Ethernet port on the same switch you will not see data to/from the IP Office [unless it's data specifically going to/from your laptop].

So that Wireshark can "see" the data going to/from the IP Office the Ethernet switch would need to be configured for "port mirroring". This is just as it sounds, data on the Ethernet port the IP Office is connected to is "mirrored" to the port your laptop is connected to.

How to configure "port mirroring" will be specific to the model of Ethernet switch and is usually performed by the IT Administrator of the network.

Another option, which is old and less than ideal is to install an Ethernet "hub" between the IP Office and the Ethernet switch. Then plug your laptop into the hub. A hub has the same data to/from every port. Hubs are difficult to find today and would not be Gigabit speed.

Of course, the connection between the IP Office and Ethernet switch would have to be disconnected to install a hub, another negative.

Port mirroring, as above is what typically needs to be done.
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