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Default OnVue Training

Has any one else gone through OnVue who now controls all the online testing for Avaya?

I'm finding it like madness. My first attempt they failed the exam 1/4 through because "finder" was running in the back ground of Mac OS. That resulted in a difficult to locate method of contacting them and complaining. After a few days I got the test refunded back to me so I could take it a 2nd time.

2nd time on a Windows desktop, no exterinal microphones allowed BUT you must have a microphone to hear background noise. Guess what all microphones on a PC Desktop are external.

Sooooooooooooooooooooo you can only take these tests if you have a Windows Laptop. Which they don't state. They keep insisting its ok to take the test on Mac Os but I don't want to go through the looping argument that Finder is always running.

Looks like I've dropped Avaya from list of things I'll be doing in my job.
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