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Old 05-29-2017, 12:15 AM
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Default Transfer doesn't transfer

I have a problem:
I'm using Avaya Aura Orchestration Designer and the platform Experience Portal.
I created a flow that works correctly on the Application Simulator, but when I try to mount it on the virtual machine, the transfer doesn't work correctly.

the flow is:
a menu that transfers the call with an AACC BLIND TRANSFER to a number that it reads from an xml document.

I thought that maybe the problem is that it reads the number from an xml file cause I used a parse to read that and the type of the value is Node, with the function:
mySession.getVariable("<variable_to_transfer>").ge tSimpleVariable().setValue(elementNode.getFirstChi ld().getNodeValue()); but also if I use something like:
mySession.getVariable("<variable_to_transfer>").ge tSimpleVariable().setValue(1234);
it doesn't transfer.

the vxml generated about the <transfer> element is the below, I think that is correct:
  8:<transfer name="XferTo" dest="tel:
  9: 2222
10: " type="blind" connecttimeout="0s" maxtime="0s"> 
11:<catch event="connection.disconnect.transfer"> 
12:<submit next="EndCall?___DDSESSIONID=BDFB08961BEE6DB163B42C2A4B1C1CC0%3A%2FTest3" namelist="XferTo" method="get"/> 
Where the next element is a Return node called EndCall and the XferTo is my AACC Blind Transfer node.

I tried also with another simple flow: start->menu->AACCBlindTransfer->end. it doesn't work too.

Using the tracing with an application that is already running and my application, the result is the same, but my application is pending after this, while the one is yet running, will complete.
Below the log.

REFER sip:1234567890@company.com:5060;maddr=;transport=tcp;user=phone;gsid=51e5d310-407f-11e7-adc9-00505685ac1c SIP/2.0                |
        |From: <sip:2495@company.com;user=phone>;tag=5621d23bfd3ee7186fe0016ac922a                                                                         |
        |To: <sip:1234567890@company.com;user=phone>;tag=ab931828-7c08110a-13c4-55013-9c90a7-69087969-9c90a7                                               |
        |Call-ID: ab595ca8-7c08110a-13c4-55013-9c90a7-7c08f51b-9c90a7                                                                                       |
        |CSeq: 1 REFER |
        |Max-Forwards: 70                                                                                                                                   |
        |Route: <sip:25372ba8@;transport=tcp;lr>                                                                                                 |
        |Route: <sip:;transport=tcp;ibmsid=local.1490346099583_6363788_6364860;lr>                                                          |
        |Route: <sip:25372ba8@;transport=tcp;lr>                                                                                                 |
        |Via: SIP/2.0/TCP;branch=z9hG4bK40ab223efd3ee7187fe0016ac922a                                                                         |
        |User-Agent: Avaya-VoicePortal/                                                                                                        |
        |Av-Global-Session-ID: 51e5d310-407f-11e7-adc9-00505685ac1c                                                                                         |
        |Contact: <sip:2495@;transport=tcp>                                                                                                    |
        |Refer-To: <sip:8569@company.com;user=phone?P-Intrinsics=>                                                                                         |
        |Content-Length: 0
I asked on the https://www.devconnectprogram.com/fo...ist/21037.page, where WilsonYu said to me to ask here for help on the platform, cause in his opinion the problem is on the platform and not on the flow.

I really don't know where is the problem, I hope that you can help me.


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