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Old 02-11-2014, 01:58 AM
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Default CS1K 7.65SW/BUG5051 appearing on TTY

Streaming BUG5051 (many BUG5051 for one call) ends in BUG288 and BUG681 for the same call. After investigation it was found that it was a TLD virtual trunk (probably could be any TLD TIE trunk) that caused the BUG5051 stream and BUG288 BUG681 pair. There are several keys in configuration which apply to this problem, the most important ones are that the trunk is CLS = TLD, and that the customer has a VNR route which applies a NFCR list that blocks the tandem of an invalid number which originally arrived on the TLD trunk. IMPACT: Streaming BUG5051 intermittently. When did problem first occur (date and circumstances)? Upgrade to 7.65P, but likely also exists on earlier releases too. Patches installed/removed prior to CR submission Site patched current Configuration changes made prior to CR submission Site using XBUG as work around to eliminate the streaming BUG messages. Hardware Replacement or reconfigurations made None SETUP and ACTIONS performed to cause the problem: HARDWARE and DATA SETUP: Two CS1K nodes tied together with TIE trunks. CS1K Node A any release CS1K Node B 7.65P VNR = YES DCH has NASA = YES (may not be needed see note below about CTRC) INT_DATA CTRC ATN NAP ATN NAP (or Node A caller is a trunk with NASA = YES) NFCR = YES TIE Trunk is CLS TLD NIT1 points to an ACD queue Attendant is in Night mode FCR table settings lead to a FCR table which denies most or all calls. INIT = DENY

BUG5051 streams while the call is in the queue. BUG5051 BUG5051 : 0772E657 00001002 00180000 00006404 00000000 19 00000001 00000001 000 00000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 BUG5051 + 44D58C1A 44DF3B38 30A2A9D2 30A1A5B8 30A1A3BA BUG5051 + 30A172E6 3180A3BA 318098D4 318095F6 318094C8 BUG5051 + 3173B2B0 30D82DF1 Call is presented after BUG288 and BUG681 are printed.

BUG288 BUG288 : 7100 7100 0772E657 00001002 02180000 00006404 0000044F 19 00000001 00 000001 00000000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 BUG288 + 44D58C1A 3004809B 300473B2 30043455 30042DF4 BUG288 + 30042CEF 3003893A 30037981 3002E808 3199DAD9 BUG288 + 31816516 3180DBA9 44DBF1F1 3180CDEF 3180CA1C BUG288 + 31809458 3173B2B0 30D82DF1

BUG681 BUG681 : 0 0772E657 00000500 02180000 00006404 0000044F 2 00000001 00000001 000 00000 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 BUG681 + 44D58C1A 300482FA 30048214 30043672 30042DF4 BUG681 + 30042CEF 3003893A 30037981 3002E808 3199DAD9 BUG681 + 31816516 3180DBA9 44DBF1F1 3180CDEF 3180CA1C BUG681 + 31809458 3173B2B0 30D82DF1
This is a SW defect in R 7.65SW
Install the fix patch 33132.
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