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Old 08-01-2016, 12:39 PM
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Default Need some help... alot of it

We have IP Office build 137 for primary/secondary. We have quite a few issues and they're not able to be resolved by the reseller and we could use some assistance. Our config has a controller at each site (10 sites) with a primary at Main site and secondary at remote as well as IPOCC Server at Main site.

1). We have random one way speech path issues where one party can hear another, but can't tell anyone answered, etc.

2). We have issues with either IP Office plugin or the OneX portal plugin that continues to "ring loudly" on the computer up to 2 full rings after you've answered the phone. The computer finally notices the call was picked up (in relation, my twinned cell phone quits ringing immediately upon me picking up call on desk phone).

3). We have a current issue on our system where we changed a hunt group temporarily by adding another extension while I was on vacation and now the system won't change back to re-adding my extension and removing theirs. It works fine if we use sequential or longest waiting dial types, but if we attempt to go back to "collective" or "collective call waiting" like we were, it dials the temporary handset and doesn't dial mine.

4). We receive this alert every day in email "08/01/16 01:00:14 AM It is now 284 days since the last full database vacuum. The recorder will perform a full vacuum the next time it is restarted. This may take some time. To postpone this to the following reboot, clear the setting on the System Settings > Server page. You MUST restart the recorder and allow it to vacuum the database at least once every 240 days. 08/01/16 01:00:14 AM Purged 2284KB of old log files. Now 416095MB free." Apparently this is "by design", but I have my IT director wanting to know why we're getting an alert email that by design is not supposed to have anything done. Can we shut this off SOMEHOW so it doesn't look like we're not doing our jobs in IT?

5). How can we change the amount of time on phones before they "autodial"? We start typing in 9-xxx-xxx- then by the time you get to the last digits, it's dialing before you're finished and erroring out. I know we can type into onex portal or IP Office plugin with computer, although we'd like to be able to dial the phone at times and click "send", and/or have a few more seconds before it times out and dials.

6). As part of an attempted fix of our single voice path issues, some of our phones at one location (those using IPOCC) were re-registered to another site. With this, now when they call 911 it puts the incorrect calling number. How do we show the number dialing from for 911 is the original site/address?

Thanks for ANY help you can come up with this.
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Old 10-04-2016, 01:59 AM
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You do need a lot of help. I'm not sure this thread is the best way to get it. I would suggest either break-down each of your problems and post them individually on the forum, giving as much information about the setup, issue and troubleshooting taken. This way you may get some help on the forum, there is too much here to deal with under one thread. Or contact a decent maintainer, engage with them to resolve all your problems and pay them for their time.
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Old 10-04-2016, 10:51 AM
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Is there remote access for all sites. Can we as a Company help you if so let me know. But there are a bunch of issues that you will need to resolve one at a time. This probably isn't the best place to try to fix one at a time but concentrate on most crucial and go from there.
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Old 10-11-2016, 12:11 PM
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That's definitely a lot of issues but I might be able to offer alittle help.

1) Is this on internal or external calls? External calls will require a lot of troubleshooting depending on what kind of phones you have and your circuits, if it's internal calls and you have IP phones, multiple sites, or anything like that then it is likely a network issue. Check if it always happens between the same extensions, if so (and they're IP phones) then try disabling direct IP to IP connectivity and see if the problem is resolved.

3) Check what's happening in system status when the hunt group is called, it could be that your hunt group calls are being forwarded to the temporary extension.

4) Sounds like you just need to restart the service, is this on ContactStore? I think it kind of sounds familiar and there's a tab where you can schedule the restart to occur every X number of days or on a specific date.

5) The phones dial by default 4 seconds after the last pressed digit, so if you dial 9-1-8-0-0 and then wait 4 seconds it'll start dialing. It's not 4 seconds total to dial the entire number, you can take 3 seconds in between every digit in 1-8-0-0-V-E-R-I-Z-O-N and it won't time out until 4 seconds after you hit the last digit (6). This is configured in the system tab under Telephony->Dial Delay Time (secs.) If it doesn't take more than 4 seconds to dial each digit than it sounds like it could be an ARS issue. If they have a short code with a set number of X's but no ; for a timeout, then it will immediately send the call out when you dial the last available digit. So if you have Short Code XXXX Dial N then it will send the call out IMMEDIATELY if you dial 9-1-2-3-4.

6) In your ARS table you can define the caller ID, you can specify specific people to have their own 9N short code that dials a specific ARS table where you define the caller ID.

Hopefully that helps a bit.
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Old 07-19-2017, 05:07 PM
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I know this will have been resolved but thought I would share since I recently had a similar issue.

Turned out, the connection from one network to another was the issue, if we turned off the direct call routing, so the call travelled through the IP Office call server then the calls worked.

The resolution in our case was correcting the gateway in the DHCP scope but prior to finding this we were convinced the route between sites was incorrect.

We did some fault finding by connecting a PC on the voice VLAN on each site on DHCP, pinged the ip office server at each site from each pc, then pinged each PC. One site could not ping outside the voice vlan (the ip office server could though as it had the correct gateway as it was not on DHCP).
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