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Old 03-25-2014, 05:57 AM
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Default URGENT - Avaya G430 - Incoming calls are getting dropped

Dear All,

This is regarding Avaya G430. Issue is that incomming calls are getting dropped in 2-4 sec once you pick up. Outgoing calls are working fine.

Please help as critical impact.

Thank You,
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Old 03-25-2014, 09:21 AM
gsgleaso gsgleaso is offline
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This is not nearly enough information to provide any value. If this is the extent of what you can provide, I recommend opening a ticket.
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Old 04-22-2014, 12:28 AM
patil68 patil68 is offline
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Dear Team,

Please find the following config of trunk group. The incomming calls are getting dropped after 2-3 mins. Please help.


Group Number: 2 Group Type: co CDR Reports: y
Group Name: test COR: 1 TN: 1 TAC: 802
Direction: two-way Outgoing Display? n
Dial Access? n Busy Threshold: 255 Night Service:
Queue Length: 0 Country: 9 Incoming Destination: 300
Comm Type: voice Auth Code? n Digit Absorption List:
Prefix-1? y Trunk Flash? n Toll Restricted? y

Trunk Type: loop-start

Group Type: co Trunk Type: loop-start


Outgoing Dial Type: tone Cut-Through? n
Trunk Termination: rc Disconnect Timing(msec): 500

Auto Guard? n Call Still Held? n Sig Bit Inversion: none
Analog Loss Group: 6 Digital Loss Group: 11
Trunk Gain: high

Disconnect Supervision - In? y Out? y Cyclical Hunt? n
Answer Supervision Timeout: 10 Receive Answer Supervision? n
Administer Timers? y
XOIP Treatment: auto

ACA Assignment? n Measured: none
Maintenance Tests? y
Data Restriction? n

Abandoned Call Search? n
Suppress # Outpulsing? n

Charge Conversion: 1
Decimal Point: none Replace Restricted Numbers? n
Currency Symbol: Replace Unavailable Numbers? n
Charge Type: units Receive Analog Incoming Call ID: Bellcore
Per Call CPN Blocking Code:
Per Call CPN Unblocking Code:

Outgoing ANI: Ds1 Echo Cancellation? n

Send Incoming/Outgoing Disconnect Timers to TN465 Ports? n
Incoming Disconnect(msec): 500 Outgoing Disconnect(msec): 500
Outgoing Dial Guard(msec): 1600
Incoming Glare Guard(msec): 1500 Outgoing Glare Guard(msec): 1500

Ringing Monitor(msec): 5200 Incoming Seizure(msec): 320
Outgoing End of Dial(sec): 10 Outgoing Seizure Response(sec): 5
Programmed Dial Pause(msec): 1500
Flash Length(msec): 540
Busy Tone Disconnect? y

Tone(msec): 350 Pause(msec): 150

PPS: 10 Make(msec): 40 Break(msec): 60 PPM? n

TTL Type: 105-w-rl Far End Test No:
TTL Vendor: TTL Contact:
Trunk Vendor: Trunk Contact:
Trunk Length:
Min Max Min Max
1004 Hz Loss: -2 21 -2 21

-Dev +Dev -Dev +Dev
404 Hz Loss: 9 9 9 9
2804 Hz Loss: 9 9 9 9

Maximum C Message Noise: 55 55
Maximum C Notched Noise: 74 74
Minimum SRL-HI: 0 0
Minimum SRL-LO: 0 0
Minimum ERL: 0 0

Allow ATMS Busyout, Error Logging and Alarming? n

Administered Members (min/max): 1/5
GROUP MEMBER ASSIGNMENTS Total Administered Members: 5

Port Code Sfx Name Night Mode Type Ans Delay
1: 001V201 MM711
2: 001V202 MM711
3: 001V203 MM711
4: 001V204 MM711
5: 001V205 MM711

Thank You,
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Old 04-24-2014, 05:04 AM
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List trac the tac on a failed call and post the results ,
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