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Old 02-16-2019, 09:52 AM
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Angry IVR Script- Dbupdate failed- error is randomly. why?

Hi All,
can some one tell me reason of failure/error of db update failed randomly. due to this error it not update Db data and db fields left blank where scrip tag got variable data successfully.
Or tell me how to decode this error or from where i can seek more details on this error to resolve this error.

matter is urgent please.

N1619d 16:58:58.494 VC_VUS [0x00005A0C] VUS_Element::ElemUpdateTable(,U_TPIN-CRM,0xFAD603DF,0,0x1222F9)::run(0x6383655C11010700 ) Starting Element
N1620d 16:58:58.502 VC_INT_ERROR [0x00005A0C]
N1621d 16:58:58.503 VC_VUS [0x00005A0C] VUS_Element::ElemUpdateTable(,U_TPIN-CRM,0xFAD603DF,0,0x1222F9)::run(0x6383655C11010800 )ERROR Element Finished
N1622d 16:58:58.503 VC_VUS [0x00005A0C] VUS_Element::ElemElemCloseDB(,U_TPIN-CRM,0xFAD603DF,0,0x1222F9)::run(0x6383655C11010800 ) Starting Element
N1623d 16:58:58.503 VC_VUS [0x00005A0C] VUS_Element::ElemElemCloseDB(,U_TPIN-CRM,0xFAD603DF,0,0x1222F9)::run(0x597C8E5B1101CF01 ) SUCCESS Element Finished
N1624d 16:58:58.503 VC_VUS [0x00005A0C] VUS_Element::ElemOpenDB(DB7,U_TPIN-CRM,0xFAD603DF,0,0x1222F9)::run(0x597C8E5B1101CF01 ) Starting Element
N1627d 16:58:58.535 VC_VUS [0x00005A0C] VUS_Element::ElemOpenDB(DB7,U_TPIN-CRM,0xFAD603DF,0,0x1222F9)::run(0x597C8E5B1101CE01 )SUCCESS Element Finished
N1628d 16:58:58.535 VC_VUS [0x00005A0C] VUS_Element::ElemUpdateTable(,U_TPIN-CRM,0xFAD603DF,0,0x1222F9)::run(0x597C8E5B1101CE01 ) Starting Element
N1629d 16:58:58.544 VC_INT_ERROR [0x00005A0C]
N1630d 16:58:58.544 VC_VUS [0x00005A0C] VUS_Element::ElemUpdateTable(,U_TPIN-CRM,0xFAD603DF,0,0x1222F9)::run(0x597C8E5B1101CD01 )ERROR Element Finished
N1631d 16:58:58.544 VC_VUS [0x00005A0C] VUS_Element::ElemElemCloseDB(,U_TPIN-CRM,0xFAD603DF,0,0x1222F9)::run(0x597C8E5B1101CD01 ) Starting Element
N1644d 16:58:58.545 VC_VUS [0x00005A0C] VUS_Element::ElemElemCloseDB(,U_TPIN-CRM,0xFAD603DF,0,0x1222F9)::run(0x750265C11010000) SUCCESS Element Finished
N1645d 16:58:58.545 VC_VUS [0x00005A0C] VUS_Element::ElemText(,U_TPIN-CRM,0xFAD603DF,0,0x1222F9)::run(0x750265C11010000) Starting Element
N1650d 16:58:58.590 VC_VUS [0x00005A0C] --- VUS_PlayFile::startPlay FileName: Music.wav
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Old 04-11-2019, 12:47 AM
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enable ttrace category VC_DB and VC_DB_Interface, this should give hints, why SQL command is failing
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