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Old 01-27-2012, 05:53 AM
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Default Calling Party Number manipulation at trunk level

Is it possible to "normalize" the calling party number to international E.164 format at the arrival on the trunk?
Upon reception of an incoming call, is there a way to convert the "calling party number" for this incoming call into international format? This would help for several applications, including database lookup for a call center environment.
Example: consider a trunk group on a Media Gateway in Trier, Germany.
a call arrives on the Avaya from a local public network subscriber.
Let's assume that the calling party number provided by the PSTN is
654321. Can ACM normalize this number to +496151654321, alternatively
to 00496151654321 ?
+49 is the country code, 6151 the area code, these would have
been somehow added by ACM: how?
Other case on the same site: arrival of an international from the US:
the PSTN formats the calling party number as 0012125462341. Can
ACM normalize it as +12125462341 or leave it unchanged as
01212... because ACM can recognize that it's an international number,
whereas it would modify the Calling Party Number for a national call ?

If yes, can we use the + as leading sign or should it we use 00 instead?

Thanks in advance and greetings.

Same question for the "called party number" received with an incoming call.

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Old 01-27-2012, 06:30 AM
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Communication Manager cannot natively manipulate ANI. This would require a third party application of some sort.
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Old 08-07-2014, 12:47 AM
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This is not entirely true.

Depends on CM release. But you can try change calling-party-num-conv
This way you can manipulate the ANI on an incoming trunk.

I have used this succesfully on a qsig trunk, and tested this on a public trunk. Seems to work just fine
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Old 08-07-2014, 04:55 AM
rime rime is offline
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Default GRIP 4000 and calling party number manipulation for tandem calls

And recently there was a communication from Avaya that the GRIP feature 4000 would allow manipulation of calling party number based on the "type of number" and "numbering plan" fields present in the ISDN Setup message for incoming calls. This applies for tandem calls only:

GRIP 4000 Calling Party Number Manipulation for Incoming calls
Distinguishing the calling party numbers based on the Type of Number(TON) and Numbering Plan Identifier(NPI), comes into effect when CM is a transit node.

- Case1: An external user from Germany (6359260061) dials in to through CM
- Case2: An external user from the US (6351234567) dials in through CM

Leading digits '63' are same

New column in the tandem-calling-party-num table – Incoming Number Format

Possible values
  • Public Numbering types - Unknown, international, national and local
  • Private Numbering types - unknown, level 2, level 1 and level 0
  • Unknown-Unknown
change tandem-calling-party-num Page 1 of 8
Incoming Outgoing
CPN Number Trk Number
Len Prefix Format Grp(s) Delete Insert Format
10 63 intl-pub 49 intl-pub
10 63 locl-pub 1 intl-pub

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caller id, calling party number, normalisation, normalize

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