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Old 12-02-2021, 04:10 PM
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Default Yealink T27P on Session Manager 6.3

I am trying to set up a Yealink T27P SIP phone on the new Session Manager. I connected my CM to the System Manager. Synchronization passed, CM settings were loaded on SMGR. Session Manager passes all tests. Configured according to this instruction. Although it is for T22 and Session Manager 6.1, I think it is configured in the same way. The user, when saving the settings in Home / Users / User Management / Manage Users, is created on the CM. In the phone settings, I specify ip Security Module in the "SIP server address", but a registration error occurs. On the Session Manager, the SIP registration log is empty. A phone appears in Home / Elements / Session Manager / System Status / User Registrations but not registered. If the phone is configured via tls, then TraceSM gives this:

TLS handshake:

Code:                                                            SM100                                                                                                         
12:54:19.640 │──CHello──►│           │           │ (T1) Client Hello 
12:54:19.642 │◄──SHello──│           │           │ (T1) Server Hello 
12:54:19.642 │◄──Cert, S─│           │           │ (T1) Certificate, Server Key Exchange, Server Hello Done 
12:54:20.299 │──CKeyEx,─►│           │           │ (T1) Client Key Exchange, Encrypted Handshake Message 
12:54:20.301 │◄──EncHand─│           │           │ (T1) Encrypted Handshake Message 
12:54:20.306 │───Alert──►│           │           │ (T1) Encrypted Alert 
12:54:27.659 │──CHello──►│           │           │ (T2) Client Hello 
12:54:27.661 │◄──SHello──│           │           │ (T2) Server Hello 
12:54:27.661 │◄──Cert, S─│           │           │ (T2) Certificate, Server Key Exchange, Server Hello Done 
12:54:28.259 │──CKeyEx,─►│           │           │ (T2) Client Key Exchange, Encrypted Handshake Message 
12:54:28.261 │◄──EncHand─│           │           │ (T2) Encrypted Handshake Message 
12:54:28.266 │───Alert──►│           │           │ (T2) Encrypted Alert 
12:55:02.889 │──CHello──►│           │           │ (T3) Client Hello 
12:55:02.891 │◄──SHello──│           │           │ (T3) Server Hello 
12:55:02.891 │◄──Cert, S─│           │           │ (T3) Certificate, Server Key Exchange, Server Hello Done 
12:55:03.567 │──CKeyEx,─►│           │           │ (T3) Client Key Exchange, Encrypted Handshake Message 
12:55:03.568 │◄──EncHand─│           │           │ (T3) Encrypted Handshake Message                                                  
12:55:03.573 │───Alert──►│           │           │ (T3) Encrypted Alert
if via tcp then TraceSM gives this:

12:37:10.090 │◄──OPTIONS─│           │           │ (107) sip: 
12:37:10.091 │◄──200 OK──│           │           │ (107) 200 OK (OPTIONS) 
12:37:20.089 │◄──OPTIONS─│           │           │ (108) sip: 
12:37:20.090 │◄──200 OK──│           │           │ (108) 200 OK (OPTIONS) 
12:37:30.090 │◄──OPTIONS─│           │           │ (109) sip: 
12:37:30.091 │◄──200 OK──│           │           │ (109) 200 OK (OPTIONS) 
12:37:40.089 │◄──OPTIONS─│           │           │ (110) sip: 
12:37:40.090 │◄──200 OK──│           │           │ (110) 200 OK (OPTIONS) 
12:37:50.090 │──OPTIONS─►│           │           │ (111) sip: 
12:37:50.090 │◄──OPTIONS─│           │           │ (111) sip: 
12:37:50.091 │──200 OK──►│           │           │ (111) 200 OK (OPTIONS) 
  12:37:50.091 │◄──200 OK──│           │           │ (111) 200 OK (OPTIONS)

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