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Old 02-20-2014, 03:22 AM
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Default CS1K 7.6SW/BUG865 appear on the TTY..

CS1K 7.65SW/.BUG865 appear on the TTY
BUG865 appaer on the tty continousy..

% BUG865 : 00000000 0000E547 0EDBA482 00000218 03102004 0000E547 0000DD4B 0 000000
% 00 00000000 0F042B1E 0 AA24 0 0 0 0 0 2
% BUG865 + 25C6277A 0129DE82 0129DDF0 0129D8A3 0129D679
% BUG865 + 01293ADB 012935A5 0128FA7F 0128EB74 0128E684
% BUG865 + 0128351A 012833A4 0127E76A 25BD61D6 013E15C5
% BUG865 + 013B5188 012FC902 01320BCB 0131CF40 012FB1D4
% BUG865 + 012FAE5C 012CDA81 012CD414 00B4B090 25C13E11
% BUG865 + 25C04F55 00B45F15 00B45E4D 00B456F3 00F00B5F
% BUG865 + 00EFCE8B 00EFA3EF 00EF4739 00EF05CE 00EF054B
% BUG865 + 00EF03AF 00EEFDC3 00EEC11B 00F0DABA 00F0D4C1
% BUG865 + 00EE7E77 25C8EE38 01D4B5EF 01D4B21C 01D47C58
% BUG865 + 01C798AC 011E3C67

Detailed description:
1. The issue is reproducible in lab on release 7.6;
2. There several alternative configuration changes, which can help to avoid bug
a. Configure HOT key by the following way:
nn HOT D cc x...x xxxx, where
nn = key number
cc = number of digits for target DN (1-31).
x...x = target DN (up to 31 digits).
xxxx = DN for Hot Line key.
For example:
KEY 0 hot d 4 4200 2343

b. Create key 0 scr for problem set;

3. The issue is not reproducible on release 6.0;
4. When a user presses a HOT line key to make a call to a set on another node
over virtual trunk the CDM_SAVE_TN procedure is called in order to save the
CDM information about the originating set into the Information Element (IE).
The values of the BCS_DN are stored in the BCS_DATA array of the
protected line block depending on the HOT key number. The GETDN_CHANGEKEY procedure
is called in order to get the DN from the HOT key. In case of activated HOT key the
GETDN_CHANGEKEY procedure returns the DN from the primary key.
So if the HOT key is configured without it's own DN the
appropriate BCS_DATA array member contain nil, the GETDN_CHANGEKEY procedure
returns nil and the BUG865 is printed out.


MPLR33156 is created for reported problem. Please install it on site, test
reported scenario and provide testing results.
Patch has no special instruction. It is merged with MPLR32871, it will be unloaded
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