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Old 02-25-2019, 08:36 AM
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Question SIP to ISDN Tandem call do not CLID on ISDN Lines


I have astrange behaviour, when I receive a call via a SIP trunk and I like to sent this call to the ISDN PRI, it will not show the CLID of SIP far end destination.


Caller A ----> 3rd Party PBX ---> SIP Trunk ---> IP Office 500v2 R11 SP2 ----> ISDN Trunk ----> Caller B

Caller A is Extension 5300
Caller B (Called Number is 0621287210)

SIP Invite
Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bKee2dfde57822a2dfa 132603c19016f0b
From: <sip:5300@>;tag=6529327e
To: <sip:0621287210@>

Call Information form Monitor
2019-02-25T16:27:29 2253553685mS CMTARGET: c0a8280c000681eb 40.426475.1 169528 SIPTrunk Endpoint: LOOKUP CALL ROUTE: GID=40 type=100 called_party=0621287210 sub= calling=5300@ calling_sub= dir=in complete=1 ses=0

2019-02-25T16:27:29 2253553691mS CMARS: FOUND A SHORT CODE - short_code: 0XXXN - Tel: N - Called_Party: 621287210 - Line Group Id: 1
2019-02-25T16:27:29 2253553691mS CMARS: SetCurrentTarget: Short_Code: 0XXXN - Line_Group_ID: 1
2019-02-25T16:27:29 2253553693mS CMARS: FOUND LINE - Line Id: 1 - using line group id: 1 (code 0XXXN, line 1) - Called Number: 621287210 - Calling Number: 5300@

ISDN Setup
2019-02-25T16:27:29 2253553694mS CMLineTx: v=1 CMSetup
Line: type=Q931Line 1 Call: lid=0 id=426478 in=0
Called[621287210] Type=Unknown (0) Reason=CMDRdirect SndComp Calling[] Type=Unknown Plan=Default
BC: CMTC=Speech CMTM=CallIndSigCon CMTR=64 CMST=Default CMU1=ALaw
Locale: cus
2019-02-25T16:27:29 2253553697mS ISDNL3Tx: v=1 peb=1
ISDN Layer3 Pcol=08(Q931) Reflen=2 ref=0011(Remote)
Message Type = Setup
InformationElement = BearerCapability
0000 04 03 80 90 a3 .....
InformationElement = CalledPartyNumber
0000 70 0a 80 36 32 31 32 38 37 32 31 30 p..621287210
InformationElement = Sending Complete
2019-02-25T16:27:29 2253553766mS ISDNL3Rx: v=1 peb=1
ISDN Layer3 Pcol=08(Q931) Reflen=2 ref=0011(Local)
Message Type = CallProceeding
InformationElement = CHI
0000 18 03 a9 83 81 .....
2019-02-25T16:27:29 2253553768mS CMLineRx: v=1
Line: type=Q931Line 1 Call: lid=0 id=426478 in=0
BChan: slot=0 chan=1

As you see, I only have the Called Number in the ISDN Setup packet and no information about the calling number 5300? Anyone an idea?

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