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Old 06-10-2016, 02:36 AM
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Default Problems with incoming calls

We have a media-gateway G430 with media-server S8300, module MM710 and module MM714. We get the E1 line from service provider. The problems with incoming calls occur randomly- several times per day. The problem with the outgoing calls are not observed.

The settings media-gateway is following:
change media-gateway 5                                          Page   1 of   2
                             MEDIA GATEWAY 5

                    Type: g430
                    Name: *****
               Serial No: *****
            Encrypt Link? y
          Network Region: 5                   Location: 5
                                             Site Data:
           Recovery Rule: 1

              Registered?  y
   FW Version/HW Vintage: 31 .26 .0  /1
        MGP IPV4 Address: ******
        MGP IPV6 Address:
   Controller IP Address: ******
             MAC Address: ****** 

change media-gateway 5                                          Page   2 of   2
                             MEDIA GATEWAY 5

                                 Type: g430

Slot   Module Type            Name                    DSP Type  FW/HW version
 V1:   S8300                  ICC MM                  MP20      70   0
 V2:   MM710                  DS1 MM
 V3:   MM714                  ANA MM
The settings synchronization is following:
change synchronization media-gateway 5                          Page   1 of   1
                           SYNCHRONIZATION PLAN

               SYNCHRONIZATION SOURCE (circuit pack location)

                    Primary: 005V2      Secondary:

Location  Type  Name             Slip
005V2     DS1   **********           y
The settings ds1 circuit pack is following:
change ds1 005v2                                                Page   1 of   1
                                DS1 CIRCUIT PACK

            Location: 005V2                           Name: *****
            Bit Rate: 2.048                    Line Coding: hdb3

      Signaling Mode: isdn-pri
             Connect: network
   TN-C7 Long Timers? n                   Country Protocol: etsi
Interworking Message: PROGress
Interface Companding: alaw                             CRC? n
           Idle Code: 01010100
                              DCP/Analog Bearer Capability: 3.1kHz

                                           T303 Timer(sec): 4
                                          Disable Restarts? n

      Slip Detection? y                 Near-end CSU Type: other

   Echo Cancellation? n
The settings trunk is following:
change trunk-group 5                                            Page   1 of  21
                                TRUNK GROUP

Group Number: 5                    Group Type: isdn          CDR Reports: y
  Group Name: ******                      COR: 50       TN: 1        TAC: *05
   Direction: two-way        Outgoing Display? n         Carrier Medium: PRI/BRI
 Dial Access? n              Busy Threshold: 255  Night Service:
Queue Length: 0
Service Type: public-ntwrk          Auth Code? n            TestCall ITC: rest
                         Far End Test Line No:
TestCall BCC: 4

      Group Type: isdn

         Codeset to Send Display: 0     Codeset to Send National IEs: 6
        Max Message Size to Send: 260   Charge Advice: none
  Supplementary Service Protocol: c     Digit Handling (in/out): enbloc/enbloc

            Trunk Hunt: cyclical
                                                   Digital Loss Group: 13
Incoming Calling Number - Delete:     Insert:                 Format:
              Bit Rate: 1200         Synchronization: async    Duplex: full
 Disconnect Supervision - In? y  Out? n
 Answer Supervision Timeout: 0
          Administer Timers? n        CONNECT Reliable When Call Leaves ISDN? n
             XOIP Treatment: auto    Delay Call Setup When Accessed Via IGAR? n

          ACA Assignment? n            Measured: none      Wideband Support? n
                                                          Maintenance Tests? y
                               Data Restriction? n     NCA-TSC Trunk Member:
                                      Send Name: n      Send Calling Number: y
            Used for DCS? n                            Send EMU Visitor CPN? n
   Suppress # Outpulsing? n    Format: public
 Outgoing Channel ID Encoding: preferred     UUI IE Treatment: service-provider

                                                 Replace Restricted Numbers? n
                                                Replace Unavailable Numbers? n
                                                      Send Connected Number: y
                                                  Hold/Unhold Notifications? n
             Send UUI IE? y     Modify Tandem Calling Number: no
               Send UCID? n
 Send Codeset 6/7 LAI IE? y                         Ds1 Echo Cancellation? n

    Apply Local Ringback? n
 Show ANSWERED BY on Display? y
                             Network (Japan) Needs Connect Before Disconnect? n

                       QSIG TRUNK GROUP OPTIONS

                            SBS? n

               QSIG Value-Added? n

                                 TRUNK GROUP
                                      Administered Members (min/max):   1/10
GROUP MEMBER ASSIGNMENTS                  Total Administered Members:  10

       Port    Code Sfx Name        Night           Sig Grp
  1: 005V201  MM710  B                                5
  2: 005V202  MM710  B                                5
  3: 005V203  MM710  B                                5
  4: 005V204  MM710  B                                5
  5: 005V205  MM710  B                                5
  6: 005V206  MM710  B                                5
  7: 005V207  MM710  B                                5
  8: 005V208  MM710  B                                5
  9: 005V209  MM710  B                                5
 10: 005V210  MM710  B                                5
The service provider claims that from their side all right. Tell me, how can I identify the cause of problem associated with incoming calls?

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Old 06-11-2016, 02:23 AM
derekf derekf is offline
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You didn't mention what the problem is you are seeing on the incoming calls are? Are they not routed to the proper destination? Or is there a problem with the audio quality?
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Old 06-14-2016, 12:32 AM
ichuma ichuma is offline
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Calls are routed to the proper destination and not problem with the audio quality. But I can not get through to number periodically which is assigned to trunk. I think that the problem is related to E1 line. I trying to complete command "list trace tac *05" at the time of the problem, but I do not get any result.
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Old 06-14-2016, 03:41 PM
dupl7 dupl7 is offline
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Default Incoming Calls

If you don`t see the call coming into the trunk when running a list trace, it might be that it didn`t reach the Avaya, OR do you have multiple E1`s connecting to different trunks and you might be tracing the wrong trunk.
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Old 06-15-2016, 12:33 AM
ichuma ichuma is offline
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The Avaya is reachable because users can make outgoing calls while incoming calls do not pass. At the same time I can view the status of the gateway - it's okay. When there is no problem - I can perform tracing normally.
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Old 06-15-2016, 08:32 AM
derekf derekf is offline
Join Date: Nov 2015
Posts: 26
derekf has 14 reputation pointsderekf has 14 reputation points

Sounds like it may be an intermittent problem with your provider. How often does it happen? I'd suggest running an MST trace on the D channel of that E1. If you're not familiar with MST traces, there's a post here that has some basic info: https://support.avaya.com/forums/showthread.php?t=375. It will essentially allow you to see if the ISDN SETUP message is hitting the D channel, and if the PBX is rejecting it for some reason. If you don't see the SETUP message, contact your provider.

Is it only one number on the trunk group that is having an issue? Are there other DIDs that are working / not working at the same time?
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Old 06-23-2016, 05:04 AM
ichuma ichuma is offline
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I running an MST and I saw an error:

       =>   CHANNEL IDENT a1 83 8e                          B-ch num 14, pref
       =>   CALLING PARTY NUMBER ................................. *****
            | type of number:                                        national
            | numbering plan:  ISDN/telphny plan E.164/3 |cv ISDN/telphny pln
            | presentation ind:                          presentation allowed
            | screening:                      user-provided verified & passed
       =>   CALLED PARTY NUMBER ..................................... *****
            | type of number:                                      subscriber
            | numbering plan:  ISDN/telphny plan E.164/3 |cv ISDN/telphny pln
  104  13:54:38.881  62 4005080f <-- REL_COM    crv 1_0599  ch not exist !
            D-channel port number:                                   4005080f
            Protocol Discriminator: 08                           call control
            Call Reference Value: 02 85 99                   Destination 0599
            Q.931 Message Type: 5a                           Release Complete
       <-   CAUSE local pvt netwk |cv pvt netwk serv local usr:82. Identified channel does not exist
The problem was that the service provider has provided us a full E1, ie, 30 B-channels. Gateway only has 10 configured B-channels. Therefore, when the channel number was more than 10, the incoming call is not passed. Gateway saw that he had set only 10 channels when he makes outgoing calls, and therefore he did not choose a channel number greater than 10. Therefore, no problems with outgoing calls.

derekf, thank you very much!
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