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Old 09-22-2010, 02:27 AM
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Default Preview Contact saved under different customerID


I'm encountering a problem when using the outbound campaign with the contacts table. I have CCE 4.1.2.

When we are loading the campaign interaction, we are specifying the Contact ID, name, primary phone number and secondary phone number.

The problem we are encountering is that the phone numbers can be shared between several contacts. So when the agent contacts the person and closes the preview contact, sometimes the conversation is saved under another contact with the same number eventhough i specified the Contact ID when loading the interactions.

I have looked at this further by monitoring the database.
When the profile first reaches the agent, a row in ASMSControl.dbo.InteractionStates is added with the customerId pointing to the initial customer (the correct one).

When the user double-clicks a number from the Preview Contact, it dials that number BUT in the Voice tab that opens, the Contact sub-tab has a weird behavior.
If the number specified in the Preview Contact isn't one of the contact's numbers then it will still open the contact's sub-tab in the Voice tab, which i guess is the normal behavior. But sometimes it will open the contact that has this number.
And even if the number exists in the initial contact, it sometimes opens a different contact (which also has the same number) in the Voice Tab.

That's just a minor issue though, the problem is when the Preview Contact is closed, it is sometimes saved on a different customerId.

As i was saying, when the preview contact first reaches the agent, a row in ASMSControl.dbo.InteractionStates is added with the customerId pointing to the initial customer (the correct one).
The rows corresponding to the calls the agent is making from the Preview Contact, also point to the same customerId.

When the user finishes his calls, and before he closes the Preview Contact, the customerId of the row, corresponding to the Preview Contact, in the InteractionStates table is changed to another customerId.
After some testing it seems the customerId it is changing to, is the one that has the number specified in the First Contact number of the Preview contact.
So while the preview contact is open, if the agent changes the primary number to a different one, then the whole Conversation will be saved under the customer that has this number.
And since we have contacts that can share phone numbers then sometimes, without even changing the number, the whole conversation can be saved to a different customer.

I tried finding out what is triggering the customerIDchanged event but couldn't find it.

We're doing post-campaign treatement on the customer (contact) so this problem is really affecting us.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.
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Old 09-24-2010, 08:40 AM
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Already Siebel SR 1-1193442641 was opened for the same issue and CCE backbone Engineer is working on the same.

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