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Old 11-08-2016, 02:58 PM
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Default Help: Daily "Random" Dropped Calls

Our reception desk is reporting an average of 3 dropped calls "incoming and/or outgoing" per day. The calls disconnect within 2 seconds consistently.

IP 500 V2 build 983

I used Avaya IP Office SysMonitor to log activity and told the receptionist to email me when it happens.
This is what showed up on the trace:

Line: type=IPLine 250 Call: lid=313 id=21256 in=0
11:22:35 351525634mS CMCallEvt: 313.21256.0 5054 Hospitality200.0: StateChange: END=T CMCSOffering->CMCSRinging
11:22:35 351525634mS CMExtnEvt: v=2 State, new=Ringing old=Idle,0,0,Hospitality200
11:22:35 351525645mS CMMap: a=3.3 b=0.0 R1
11:22:35 351525646mS ISDNL3Evt: v=5 stacknum=5 State, new=ICProceeding, old=Present id=7
11:22:35 351525647mS ISDNL3Evt: v=5 stacknum=5 State, new=Received, old=ICProceeding id=7
11:22:36 351526005mS H323Evt: Recv: RegistrationRequest; Endpoints registered: 81; Endpoints in registration: 0
11:22:36 351526046mS RES: Thu 3/11/2016 11:22:35 FreeMem=46409552 44630408(2) CachedMem=1779144 CMMsg=13(13) Buff=5200 1356 999 7419 5 Links=27256 BTree=12897 CPU=08.19% CPUStats=2/4/1947/17676/23021/1/1 MCR=0 MCW=0
11:22:36 351526046mS RES2: IP 500 V2 build 983 Tasks=53 RTEngine=0 CMRTEngine=0 ExRTEngine=0 Timer=160 Poll=0 Ready=0 CMReady=0 CMQueue=0 VPNNQueue=0 Monitor=3 SSA=1 TCP=182(TLS=5) TAPI=2 ASC=1 SYS=MNTD OPT=UMNT SDSPD=2034
11:22:36 351526046mS RES4: XML MemObjs=61 PoolMem=2097152(1) FreeMem=2081872(1)
11:22:36 351526433mS VPNR: AVRIP receive from pbx count = 0
11:22:36 351526433mS VPNR: AVRIPRX VPNN_RIP_PLATFORM_INFO => node IP:, tunnel IP:
11:22:37 351527152mS H323Evt: Recv: RegistrationRequest; Endpoints registered: 81; Endpoints in registration: 0
11:22:37 351527783mS H323Evt: Recv: RegistrationRequest; Endpoints registered: 81; Endpoints in registration: 0
11:22:37 351527813mS CMARS: Case 1 - dial_delay_time: 4000 has expired - Resolve what we might have - Called Number: 3824010 Addr: f47943a0
11:22:37 351527813mS CMARS: FORM: Main - Received Number: 3824010
11:22:37 351527813mS CMARS: FOUND A SHORT CODE - short_code: XN; - Tel: N - Called_Party: 3824010 - Line Group Id: 0
11:22:37 351527813mS CMARS: FindActiveARSByGroupID GroupID=0 - Not Found
11:22:37 351527813mS CMLRQ: FindActiveLRQByGroupID GroupID=0 - Not Found
11:22:37 351527814mS CMMap: a=0.18 b=0.0 Mapper::AllocateCodec allocated CMRTVocoder(f540e9b8) resource busy 5, total 64
11:22:37 351527814mS CMCallEvt: 0.21257.0 -1 BaseEP: NEW CMEndpoint f4563588 TOTAL NOW=14 CALL_LIST=5
11:22:37 351527815mS CMTARGET: ISDN BChannel 22: in-service check = 1
11:22:37 351527815mS CMTARGET: ISDN BChannel 22: in-service check = 1
11:22:37 351527817mS CMARS: FOUND LINE - Line Id: 5 - using line group id: 0 - Called Number: 3824010 - Calling Number: 268
11:22:37 351527817mS CMARS: SEND Setup TO LINE
11:22:37 351527817mS CMCallEvt: 0.21257.0 5053 Q931 Trunk:5 CHAN=22: StateChange: END=child CMCSIdle->CMCSOffering
11:22:37 351527817mS PRN: Setting configured voice gain for ch 22.
11:22:37 351527817mS CMLineTx: v=5
Line: type=Q931Line 5 Call: lid=0 id=21257 in=0
Called[3824010] Type=National (2) Reason=CMDRdirect Calling[5632771219] Type=National Plan=ISDN
BC: CMTC=3K1Audio CMTM=Circuit CMTR=64 CMST=Default CMU1=ULaw
BChan: slot=0 chan=22
Locale: enu
11:22:37 351527818mS ISDNL3Evt: v=5 stacknum=5 State, new=Initiated, old=NullState id=21257
11:22:37 351527863mS ISDNL3Evt: v=5 stacknum=5 State, new=Proceeding, old=Initiated id=21257
11:22:37 351527864mS CMLineRx: v=5
Line: type=Q931Line 5 Call: lid=0 id=21257 in=0
BChan: slot=0 chan=22
11:22:37 351527864mS CMARS: LINE ep Received: CMProceeding - child->state = CMCSOffering - ARS Call State = CMCSOverlapRecv
11:22:37 351527864mS CMARS: LINE IS NOW THE B END OF THE CALL - CMARSEndpoint::RequestEnd()
11:22:37 351527864mS CMARS: CMARSEndpoint::CallLost(cause=124) - Address: 0.21251.0 5053 ARS for Main - Call State: CMCSOverlapRecv
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