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Old 06-15-2016, 06:11 AM
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Default Which logic to use?


does anyone know the exact meaning of "c.positionInQueue"?
I have a taskflow. (See attachment).
In the logic "Calls in Queue?" I have this:

(q(5961 NL Afspraak)[].callsInQueue +
q(5961 NL Overig)[].callsInQueue +
q(5961 EN Afspraak)[].callsInQueue +
q(5961 EN Overig)[].callsInQueue +
q(5961 Collegiaal)[].callsInQueue +
q(5964 NL Afspraak)[].callsInQueue +
q(5964 NL Overig)[].callsInQueue +
q(5964 EN Afspraak)[].callsInQueue +
q(5964 EN Overig)[].callsInQueue +
q(5964 Collegiaal)[].callsInQueue > 3)
c.positionInQueue == 1
(q(5961 NL Afspraak)[].maxWait +
q(5961 NL Overig)[].maxWait +
q(5961 EN Afspraak)[].maxWait +
q(5961 EN Overig)[].maxWait +
q(5961 Collegiaal)[].maxWait +
q(5964 NL Afspraak)[].maxWait +
q(5964 NL Overig)[].maxWait +
q(5964 EN Afspraak)[].maxWait +
q(5964 EN Overig)[].maxWait +
q(5964 Collegiaal)[].maxWait > 30)
c."Bestaande oproep" == "ja"

Does anyone know where the red part is being checked?
Is this the queue for the first topic? I always thought that a queue was for an agent group, and not for a topic? When I am correct, will this then check the queue for the agent group right on top of this logic (see attachment)?

Regards, Peter
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Old 06-15-2016, 08:03 AM
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c.positionInQueue is the actual position of this caller in the queue, like 2 of 10 or 8 of 10. Generally the logic/statistic is used to voice the position back to the caller, like "There are X callers ahead of you". In your example flow it looks like the 1st place caller (or the caller to be answered next) will be offered to another agent group if agents are available.

Off topic but something else to consider... Instead of adding all the callsInQueue you might want to look into using a Collector (if all these topics are on the same taskflow) and grabbing the callsInQueue of the collector instead of each queue? That might save some nasty arithmetic in the logic.

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Old 06-16-2016, 04:31 AM
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Thanks for your answer.
What I want to accomplish is the following:
Customer wants to have a maximum of three calls in que, and a max waiting time of 30 seconds. When the next call arrives, and max waiting time exceeds 30 seconds, the first in the queue has to go to the overflow group if there are agents available in that group. If not, it stays first in queue. Whataver agent comes free, first group or overflow group, receives the call.

The problem is that there are two identical task flows (5961 in example, and 5964) and only one agent group. This logic counts all the help topics for both taskflows used behind the IVR, looks at the max waiting time, and position in queue.

So, when three in queue for ONE topic and next call comes in, this works. But when three in queue, and a new call in the other topic, this new call is first in queue, and goes to the overflow group, but it has to stay in the queueu.

I do not know how to solve this.

Any help is really appreciated.

Regards, Peter
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