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Old 12-27-2013, 01:48 PM
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Default Redirecting Number IE over H225

Hello all,

We are troubleshooting a missing redirecting number IE (aka diverting number IE) in the h225 channel for an h323 trunk. This is a brand-new CM6.3 with all the updated patches.

tshark shows the following trace. Note that we get the name of the redirecting station ("CM6 station 2"), but we do not have the redirecting number (which should be 3201):

Facility  INV: divertingLegInformation2
        Type: Facility (0x1c)
        Length: 65
        ...1 1111 = Protocol profile: Networking extensions (0x1f)
            sourceEntity: endPINX (0)
            destinationEntity: endPINX (0)
        InterpretationComponent: discardAnyUnrecognisedInvokePdu (0)
        ROS: invoke (1)
                invokeId: present (0)
                    present: 44
                opcode: local (0)
                    local: 21 - divertingLegInformation2
                argument: 30800201010A0103800103A380800D434D36207374617469...
            QSIG: divertingLegInformation2
                Operation: divertingLegInformation2 (21)
                Service: QSIG-CF (13873) - Call-Diversion-Operations
                    diversionCounter: 1
                    diversionReason: cfnr (3)
                    originalDiversionReason: cfnr (3)
                    redirectingName: namePresentationAllowed (0)
                        namePresentationAllowed: namePresentationAllowedSimple (0)
                            namePresentationAllowedSimple: CM6 station 2
                    extension: single (5)
                            extensionId: (SNMPv2-SMI::org.12.2.1016.1.2)
I've looked at the actual hex dump for "33 32 30 31" (3201) and it doesn't exist, so not a tshark parsing problem. Also, I know that tshark understands the redirecting number IE because I can forge my own and it shows the proper output. An h225 setup facility TPKT which contains the diverting number would contain this:

                    diversionCounter: 1
                    diversionReason: cfnr (3)
                    originalDiversionReason: cfnr (3)
                    divertingNr: presentationAllowedAddressNU (0)
                        presentationAllowedAddressNU: unknownPartyNumber (0)
                            unknownPartyNumber: 3201
Codeset 0 specifies redirecting number as a required IE, but its not coming through. We have this trouble whether covering a call through a hunt group (reason=cfnr) or by unconditional forwarding (reason=cfu).

We've turned on SA8052 but it doesn't seem to help.

Any direction you can offer for further troubleshooting and resolution would be greatly appreciated!
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