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Old 05-25-2010, 08:44 PM
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Default 9620 phones getting into discover mode

Hi friends !!
Am stuck here with a strange problem. My 9620 phones get into discover mode if i log them out. This is happening on a new site of mine which is connected to main site running 8730 in duplex CM 5.2.1 over the LAN. Phones are working perfectly fine when logged in. Only when i log out this problem occurs. Iam using the fw 3.1 on these phones.Find below some more clarity on the scenario:
DHCP string contains only the ip address of the HTTP/httpss server from where the phone picks up 46xx settings file. In the file itself i've given the MCIPADD=x.x.x.x, y,y,y,y where x=main server clan and y=LSP. I've got 6 CLAN's which are working perfectly fine in load balancing mode.
But the moment i logout a phone, it goes into discover mode within 30-40 secs discovering forst the x ip-address and then the y ip-address.Comes up again asking for login in another 30-40 secs and if no login is given again goes into discover. It keeps on doing this over and again.
I need to close this issue. Also iam not able to implement QKLOGINSTAT featue from 46xx file onto these phones. Iam using a value of 1 which means manual login each time but the phone still automatically logs in when restarted.
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Old 05-31-2010, 07:10 AM
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To start the troublshooting of this "discover mode" issue, following details are needed:-

1) Is the issue happening only on the new site or any other remote sites already installed?
2) Is the issue observed only with 96xx phones? Or even on 46xx / 16xx if we have any?
3) Do we see same issue on the 96xx phones at any other site?
4) Do we have any CLANs in the same network region as the phones on this new remote site? If no, add one and check the result.
5) Plz capture a sniffer trace in any of the affected 9620 phone and send it to AVAYA Backbone team for further troubleshooting via a Maestro/Siebel ticket.
6) list trace ras ip-address would be useful

Just a note on your query about parameter QKLOGINSTAT:-
Following is the correct description of this parameter as specified in 4600 Series IP Telephone LAN Administrator Guide:-
QKLOGINSTAT 1 Quick Login Status. Valid values are:
0=Delete H.323 registration password upon user logoff.
1=Retain H.323 registration password upon user logoff
## QKLOGINSTAT specifies whether a password must always be
## entered manually at the login screen.
## 0 : makes manual password entry mandatory.
## 1 : enables a 'quick login' by pressing the
## # key to accept the current password value.
So plz use accordingly bases on your purpose.
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