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Old 03-01-2017, 01:44 PM
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Default CM - AAM P-Asserted Identity for calls via an analog trunk

Have a user receiving voice mail (AAM access # 2727) with the following "Voice Message From 2368" in the email notification.
These are calls that come through an analog trunk without ANI delivery, TAC code is #68 . Not sure where 2368 comes from when the call hits AAM. Made a couple of test calls, it appears this is consistent for calls coming in on an analog trunk group, did another test on an analog trunk with tac #67, AAM gets call from 2367 as well.
Don't see anything in CM AAR, pub unk, private tables, route patters etc.
detail from a traceSM below:
traceSM detail.
13:16:26.737 |From: <sip:%2368@a-sip.npr.org>;tag=0ec41485d11e711f27559077b000 |.a-sip.npr.org
13:16:26.738 |To: <sip:2727@aam.a-sip.npr.org> |Interval Too S
13:16:26.738 |Call-ID: 0ec41485d11e712027559077b000 |.a-sip.npr.org
13:16:26.739 |CSeq: 1 INVITE |67 U:2727 P:te
13:16:26.779 |Max-Forwards: 71 |
13:16:26.781 |Via: SIP/2.0/TLS;branch=z9hG4bK0ec41485d11e712127559077b 000 |67 U:2727 P:te
13:16:26.783 |Supported: 100rel,histinfo,join,replaces,sdp-anat,timer |
13:16:26.825 |User-Agent: Avaya CM/R016x. |TE)
13:16:26.826 |Contact: <sip:%2368@;transport=tls> |25:5061
13:16:26.828 |Route: <sip:;transport=tls;lr;phase=termin ating> |25:5061
13:16:32.611 |Alert-Info: <cid:external@aam.a-sip.npr.org>;avaya-cm-alert-type=external |1.1.30 Ev:avay
13:16:32.613 |History-Info: <sip:6022@a-sip.npr.org>;index=1 |31.1.30> Ev:av
13:16:32.614 |History-Info: "ME Comment Line" <sip:6022@a-sip.npr.org?Reason=SIP%3Bcause%3D302%3Btext%3D%22M oved%20Temporarily%22&Reason=Redirection%3Bcause%3 DNORMAL%3Bavaya-|CRIBE)
13:16:32.615 |cm-reason%3D%22vector-directory-number%22>;index=1.1 |CRIBE)
13:16:32.729 |History-Info: "ME Comment Line" <sip:6022@a-sip.npr.org?Reason=SIP%3Bcause%3D480%3Btext%3D%22T emporarily%20Unavailable%22&Reason=Redirection%3Bc ause%3DNORMAL%3B|ip.npr.org> Ev
13:16:32.730 |avaya-cm-reason%3D%22cover-no-reply%22>;index=1.2 |ip.npr.org> Ev
13:16:32.735 |History-Info: "Messaging" <sip:2727@a-sip.npr.org>;index=1.3 |FY)
13:16:32.736 |Min-SE: 1200 |FY)
13:16:32.737 |P-Asserted-Identity: <sip:%2368@a-sip.npr.org> |r.org
13:16:32.739 |Record-Route: <sip:;transport=tls;lr> |ONS)
13:16:35.009 |Session-Expires: 1200;refresher=uac |25:5061
13:16:35.011 |P-Charging-Vector: icid-value="AAS:10838-4841ec001e7115d9055271eb077" |25:5061
13:16:35.012 |Av-Global-Session-ID: 00ec4148-5d11-4701-9d27-559077b00000 |
13:16:35.013 |Content-Type: application/sdp |
13:16:40.111 |Content-Length: 228 |68 U:2727 P:te
13:16:40.112 | |
13:16:40.115 |v=0 |68 U:2727 P:te
13:16:40.116 |o=- 1488392200 1 IN IP4 |
13:16:40.116 |s=- |Interval Too S
13:16:40.117 |c=IN IP4 |.a-sip.npr.org
13:16:40.118 |b=AS:64 |Interval Too S
13:16:40.119 |t=0 0 |.a-sip.npr.org
13:16:40.119 |a=avf:avc=y prio=n |68 U:2727 P:te
13:16:40.159 |a=csup:avf-v0 |
13:16:40.161 |m=audio 37260 RTP/AVP 0 101 |68 U:2727 P:te
13:16:40.164 |a=sendrecv |
13:16:40.168 |a=rtpmap:0 PCMU/8000 |TE)
13:16:40.205 |a=rtpmap:101 telephone-event/8000 |TE)
13:16:40.207 |a=ptime:20
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Old 03-03-2017, 12:13 PM
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It's the #68 TAC for the analog trunk. The # sign is being converted to %23 per URL encoding. Why CM parses some strings as HTML, I cannot answer.
Meridian IT - Senior Engineer
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