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Old 12-27-2012, 08:56 PM
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Hi all,

I also have the same problem. After installing MES template, I can't login into SMGR 6.1.4 webpage with default password (admin/admin123). When I clicked "Change password", the page displayed a local-login page, not password change page. I tried to launch web with FQDN but it didn't help.

I also can't launch SMGR webpage with https://<IP>/SMGR or https://<FQDN>/SMGR. It only works with https://<IP>/network-login or https://<FQDN>/network-login. I don't know what's wrong.

Could you please consult me the way to solve this problem.

Thanks in advance,
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Old 01-04-2013, 12:30 AM
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Have you applied the latest SMGR service packs - I resolved similar issues with SP application? Also SM and SMGR service packs should be at compatible levels. Lastly, SMGR service pack should be successfully applied before that of SM. (Sorry, this is a response to earlier posts)
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Old 02-09-2015, 02:27 AM
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Default system manager outage

we are retriving the smgr in outage issue right now
before we cant able to acces the system manager web page

but incense when system platform is running we cant able to recover the web page in system manager version 6.2
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Old 02-11-2015, 11:09 AM
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Originally Posted by sadag2 View Post
we are retriving the smgr in outage issue right now
before we cant able to acces the system manager web page

but incense when system platform is running we cant able to recover the web page in system manager version 6.2
Have you tried a full server reboot initiated from the CDom web or Dom0 shell? Certificate expiration can also break the SMGR web service. The following PCN states 6.1 but also applies to 6.2: https://downloads.avaya.com/css/P8/documents/100159923
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Old 12-19-2016, 06:59 PM
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Originally Posted by chrow View Post
There could be several things causing the web access to not work. Here are some things to try:

1) Check that the System Manager application is truely installed on the VSP slice:

A quick simple way is to ssh as root into the SMGR and run the "swversion" following command as shown below:

[root@SMGR ~]# swversion
Avaya System Manager Software Version Inventory

ASM Installer: 25-Dec-09 17:14
ASM Replication: - 01-26-2010
ASM Maintenance Agent: Not Found
ASM ElementManager: - 01-26-2010
Not installed
SIP AS 8.0 Management Cons:
System Manager:
OS: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.3 (Tikanga)
Mgmt JBoss: 4.2.3.GA
ls: /opt/Avaya/apache*: No such file or directory
SAL Agent:
PostgreSQL: 8.4.1-1PGDG.rhel5

System Manager Database Schema Versions
pan: 0.5.0
ipt: 6.0.3
asm: 6.1.6
nrp: 1.0.4
[root@SMGR ~]#

If the response to this command is some sort of error, then the System Manager installation did not complete sucessfully.


Quick question. Should you be able to do the swversion command from the CLI of SMGR version 6.0? I have SP2 installed on this version. Anyway, I can do swversion from both of our session manager servers, but not system manager. If I go to the CLI of System Manager (logged in as root) and I type just swversion, it tells me the following:
[root@smgr ~]# swversion
-bash: swversion: command not found

Are you saying with absolute certainty that 'swversion' should work for SMGR 6.0 in the command line? Like I said, it works fine for our 6.0 Session Managers, but SMGR doesn't like that command.

Our SMGR web interface has worked fine in the past (but we did need to restart jboss once in awhile) but it just quit about a week ago but it came back sporadically with no pattern to when it would work or not. Mostly it's totally unresponsive now (web browser times out to completely dead page). Before it quit there had been no changes to SMGR, system platform or session manager other than running the certificate renewal utility about a month ago. A few weeks later the web page is pretty much consistently dead now. We always have access via the command line and system platform is ok. We just installed patch 1 for SP1 since SP1 was already installed from the start and then the System_Manager_06_00_SP1_SP2_Alarm_Patch.bin update, then the vsp- update for system platform before going to SMGR SP 2, then we did SP 2 for SMGR.

We're still stuck with the same problem...no web access. We've been through all the usual stuff like restarting jboss, postgresql, spiritAgent, deleting the file in the heapdump folder, rebooting the SMGR virtual machine, etc, etc. We used to be able ti get the web page back if it got a little screwy just by restarting jboss and waiting 15 minutes or so. But now, it's pretty much always dead. Not sure what's going on. Any ideas?

We've also verified again that the SMGR certificates are not expired. We just renewed them and they're good until 2018.

I checked the 'top' command and there's plenty of CPU. There's plenty of disk space (df -h).

One odd thing I've noticed is that spritiAgent is sometimes not running, but I don't know if that would affect the web interface or not. I start it and the page is still dead after awhile.

Regarding 'swversion', here's an example output from one of our session managers. I can't get this for the System Manager since it won't accept the command:

[craft@our-asm ~]$ swversion
Avaya Session Manager Software Version Inventory

ASM Release: 30-Oct-14 18:51
SIP/AS ManagementServer: sipas8.1-sipas8.1.9_2-1 - 06-08-2010 13:20
SIP/AS ServiceDirector: sipas8.1-sipas8.1.9_2-1 - 06-08-2010 13:07
SIP/AS ServiceHost0: sipas8.1-sipas8.1.9_2-2 -
ASM Call Processing: - 07-22-2010
ASM Maintenance Agent: - 07-22-2010
ASM Management Agent: - 07-22-2010
OS: Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 5.4 (Tikanga)
ASM JBoss: 4.2.3.GA
PHP: Not Installed
Apache: 2.2.3-31.el5_4.2
SAL Agent: 30-Oct-14 18:43
PostgreSQL: 8.4.1-1PGDG.rhel5

Session Manager Database Schema Versions
nrp: 1.0.4
asm: 6.1.9
master: 0.0.6109
[craft@our-asm ~]$

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Old 12-21-2016, 06:37 AM
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Related to my previous reply. I just found the validateSMGR tool Avaya gave in the past when we troubleshot a certificate problem. That tool showed some errors.

Here's an example (below). Does anyone have a copy of the rollbackPreparedTransactions.sh they mention? I looked for the Avaya ETSS web site but it looks like it no longer exists so I don't know where I can get a copy of that tool/script.

Also, I just happened to find a file in the /tmp folder called output.txt and when I looked at it, I see it's a great text file with all the config I know we have in SMGR like the SIP entities we've defined, call routing info, etc. This one is not up to date and if we can't get the web page back, I'll need all the details about what we have configured. I don't recall how that output.txt file came to be, but do you guys know how to export the SMGR config so I have a copy of all the entries for things like the SIP entities we've added, routing info and so on?

All jboss EARs deployed? 15 of 23 EARs [ FAILED ]
2 known cases.
Case 1:
There has been issues where SMGR has been not able to fully boot and therefore the webpage does not come back after a reboot.
UI not accessible issue is due to JBoss startup stuck at some application deployment due to some prepared transactions not getting committed.
Stop jboss service and restart postgresql service and run below mentioned command as user root:

su - postgres -c "psql -d avmgmt -c \"select count(*) from pg_prepared_xacts;\""

If the output gives a non-zero count then there are prepared transactions that are not getting committed.

There is a script internal to Avaya that can fix this. Avaya ETSS' wiki provides a script called
rollbackPreparedTransactions.sh which fixes this for you.

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