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Old 01-12-2015, 07:59 AM
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Default Which version of Aura_CCMS supports already Internet Explorer 11?


Which version of Aura_CCMS supports already Internet Explorer 11?

Our actual patching:

AvayaAura_CCCC_6.3.211.0-0828_ServicePack Service Pack (Build 0828) 3/12/2014 20:51:21 Active
AvayaAura_CCCC_6.3.211.1-1331_Patch Patch (Build 1331) 3/12/2014 21:14:31 Active
AvayaAura_CCCC_6.3.211.2-1358_Patch Patch (Build 1358) 3/12/2014 21:17:45 Active
AvayaAura_CCCC_6.3.211.20-1441_Patch Patch (Build 1441) 3/12/2014 21:34:29 Active
AvayaAura_CCLM_6.3.211.0-0828_ServicePack Service Pack (Build 0828) 3/12/2014 20:56:13 Active
AvayaAura_CCLM_6.3.211.1-1327_Patch Patch (Build 1327) 3/12/2014 21:20:39 Active
AvayaAura_CCMA_6.3.211.0-0859_ServicePack Service Pack (Build 0859) 3/12/2014 20:57:59 Active
AvayaAura_CCMA_6.3.211.1-0743_Patch Patch (Build 0743) 3/12/2014 21:20:49 Active
AvayaAura_CCMA_6.3.211.20-0773_Patch Patch (Build 0773) 3/12/2014 21:37:42 Active
AvayaAura_CCMS_6.3.211.0-0828_ServicePack Service Pack (Build 0828) 3/12/2014 21:00:25 Active
AvayaAura_CCMS_6.3.211.1-1334_Patch Patch (Build 1334) 3/12/2014 21:21:00 Active
AvayaAura_CCMS_6.3.211.2-0157_Patch Patch (Build 0157) 3/12/2014 21:23:40 Active
AvayaAura_CCMS_6.3.211.3-1347_Patch Patch (Build 1347) 3/12/2014 21:23:54 Active
AvayaAura_CCMS_6.3.211.4-1385_Patch Patch (Build 1385) 3/12/2014 21:24:09 Active
AvayaAura_CCMS_6.3.211.20-1446_Patch Patch (Build 1446) 3/12/2014 21:38:02 Active
AvayaAura_CCMS_6.3.211.21-0171_Patch Patch (Build 0171) 3/12/2014 21:38:19 Active
AvayaAura_CCMSU_6.3.211.0-0772_ServicePack Service Pack (Build 0772) 3/12/2014 21:03:15 Active
AvayaAura_CCT_6.3.211.0-0781_ServicePack Service Pack (Build 0781) 3/12/2014 21:03:31 Active
AvayaAura_CCT_6.3.211.1-0329_Patch Patch (Build 0329) 3/12/2014 21:26:37 Active
AvayaAura_CCT_6.3.211.20-0341_Patch Patch (Build 0341) 3/12/2014 21:38:35 Active
AvayaAura_CCWS_6.3.211.0-0828_ServicePack Service Pack (Build 0828) 3/12/2014 21:04:20 Active
AvayaAura_CCWS_6.3.211.20-1410_Patch Patch (Build 1410) 3/12/2014 21:39:23 Active
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Old 01-16-2015, 10:32 AM
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If you're referring to access for CCMA and Element Manager, then Internet Explorer 11 is officially supported with SP13 & 14, but has to be run in compatibility mode. Only the 32 Bit version is supported.

You will probably find that it will work in compatibility mode on on your current SP line-up. (11)

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Old 01-18-2015, 05:35 AM
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Does this mean it won't run in a 64bit version of windows?
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Old 01-19-2015, 12:49 AM
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The 64bit version of Windows offers both versions of the IE - only the 32bit version is supported.
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