AAM/CMM/CM Unable to Remove or Change a Backup from the SMI Screens
SOLN257554 | Version: 22.0 | Published: 10/08/2014 | Updated: 01/09/2020
Available To: Customer, Internal
Categories: Application & Technical Notes, Avaya Aura® Communication Manager, Avaya Aura® Messaging, Break/Fix, Installation
  • CM6.X, 7.0/ CMM/ AMM


init@AvayaCM> swversion
     Operating system:  Linux 2.6.18-371.AV1PAE i686 i686
                Built:  Mar 25 11:53 2014

        CM Reports as:  R016x.
    CM Release String:  vcm-016-
     Publication Date:  04 October 2012

Update ID                        Status       Type    Update description
------------------------------- ------------  ------- ---------------------------                activated    cold    patch 21754 for

VMWT-2.6.18-371.AV1-5.5-003     activated    hot     VMwaretools patch VMWT-2.6.

KERNEL-2.6.18-371.AV1           activated    cold    kernel patch KERNEL-2.6.18-

Problem Clarification

When trying to change or remove a scheduled backup from the Web-Interface, you get an error:

- Unable to remove or change a backup, comes back with "Internal Data value error has occurred"



When customer is trying to Edit or Remove information in the backup file for the SFTP backup getting error..

Unable to remove or change a backup, comes back with "Internal Data value error has occurred".

Also can see back up alarms in the system :

SERVER ALARMS=============
ID   Source     EvtID  Lvl  Ack  Date                           Description0    BKP        10     MIN  Y    Wed Jan 18 01:11:19 EST 2017   40: SFTP of backup image to AvayaFTP at 10.x.xxx.xx failed