IP Office: Equinox on IPhone shows presence offline when the client goes background.
SOLN339762 | Version: 9.0 | Published: 05/20/2019 | Updated: 12/28/2020
Available To: Customer, Partner, Internal
Categories: Break/Fix, Configuration, Design and Implementation, IP Office, Troubleshooting

IP Office SE 11.0 FP4 SP1, SP2,SP3
Equinox all versions.

SR 1-15766019039 has been resolved by this KB.

Problem Clarification

Avaya Equinox show presence offline on IPhone when the phone screen is locked.

Issue occurs only for Iphone, Android works fine. Though the presence shows offline, the user is able to receive calls.
This is confusing for the users as to call or not seeing the user offline when the screen is locked.