Proactive Contact: User Procedures for powering off the Digital Switch/PG230

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Published date:    20 Aug 2021
Created Date:    09 Jun 2008
Sandra Yates


All versions of Digital Switch.

PURPOSE:  The purpose of this document is to instruct users on how to do a complete shutdown of the Avaya Proactive Contact Digital Switch (PG230).

WARNING: In no way should a user reboot the Digital Switch without prior consultation from Avaya Proactive Contact Support. If an improper reboot of the Digital Switch occurs, you may experience significant down time. Do NOT reboot the Digital Switch for Troubleshooting.
PROCEDURE: On many Avaya Proactive Contact dialer systems, a supervisor has the option to log into the Digital Switch to initiate a shutdown. A specialized login was created to allow end users to shutdown the during storms, scheduled power outages, building emergencies, and scheduled Maintenance periods as needed. No longer does an end user have to call Avaya Proactive Contact Support to do a soft shutdown of the dialer--they have the ability to do it themselves.


1. Connect to system console.  If using a Lantronix SLC access server, connect to the access server.

2. Login as system/system
3. The following will be displayed to the user:

login as: system
Using keyboard-interactive authentication.

Welcome to Avaya Proactive Contact

Welcome to the SecureLinx Console Manager
Model Number: SLC8
For a list of commands, type 'help'.

[Enter 1-4]>


4. There are 4 options from which to choose (options 1-4).  Some systems show three options.  By default, the system does not show the text descriptions, but typing “help” at the prompt will display that information as below:

[Enter 1-4]> help
                   Avaya Proactive Contact System Access
1) APC Application CPU Console          3) PG230 Power Supply Monitoring
2) PG230 Digital Switch Console         4) Logout

5. Choose option 2 from the menu to connect to the PG230 switch.
6. Press Enter, then press Enter again to allow the screen to refresh. You should see the following screen:

          D I G I T A L    S W I T C H    L O G I N
                  Username: _______________
                  Password: __________
For Username, type: system
Then press Enter.
For Password, type: system
Then press Enter.

This should result in a display of the main switch menu. For example:

A D M I N I S T R A T O R   M A I N   M E N U
     Generic Version.Revision 18.1.7
 A) Data Base Administration Menu

 B) System Configuration Menu

 C) Maintenance Menu

 D) Diagnostics Menu
               Enter Selection: _
2. Select C, 'Maintenance Menu':

                     M A I N T E N A N C E    M E N U


        A)  Card Maintenance

        B)  Disk Utilities

        C)  Print/Display System Log File

        D)  Print/Display System Trace File

        E)  Switch ACT System To SBY

        F)  Master Timing Link Selection

        G)  Card Alarm Display

        H)  System Alarm Display

        I)  Shutdown System



            Enter Selection: _



3. From the Maintenance Menu, select "I" for  'Shutdown System', then press Enter to confirm your selection.
You will be prompted: Reboot: ENTER or R, Halt: H, Install: I
Type H for Halt, then press Enter
4. Wait for the message, 'File System Closed Successfully'
This message indicates the Digital Switch system has been halted and is ready to be powered off.

NOTE: The Avaya Proactive Contact dialer server should also be shut down prior to powering off the UPS(s) or cabinet. The dialer server file system must also be halted before being powered down. For steps to shut down the Proactive Contact CPU, please refer to solution ADMN111396. For the two components, the best sequence would be:
a. shutdown the dialer server and power it off
b. shutdown the PG230 per this article and power it off.

c. See the note after step 5 regarding powering up.
5. Power OFF the Digital Switch.
     a. The simplest way to do this is to power OFF the entire cabinet by powering off any UPS(s) in the cabinet.
     b. The other way to power OFF the Card Cage is to trace the power cable from the Power Supply in the top of the cabinet to the UPS and unplug the power cable from the UPS.
     c. For a PG230 or PG230RM cabinet, simply unplug the cabinet from the electrical outlet.
To power up the PG230, simply plug it back in. It is important to note that the messages will be loaded from the CPU to the PG230 during the power up of the CPU so it is necessary to power up the PG230 before the CPU.
If powering on is not successful the first time it is possible to power cycle switch again but then the Dialer applications should be restarted again as well.

** Note: A request to have support staff remotely perform these steps is a  billable activity. An approved quote and a purchase order (if applicable) is required before activity can be scheduled

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