CS1000: How to take CS1000 Linux Base & Application database backup (sysbackup) ?

Doc ID    ADMN111464
Version:    6.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    05 Oct 2015
Created Date:    18 Mar 2013


Steps to take CS1000 Linux Base & Application database backup (sysbackup)

sysbackup {–r | -s | -b | -c } | [--help]


-r remove sysbackup task from schedule

-s show sysbackup task schedule settings

-b execute one-time backup

-c setup a backup schedule

--help Print help message and exit.

The CS 1000 Linux Base sysbackup and sysrestore commands provide back up and restore of all configuration data from CS 1000 Linux Base and all Linux applications installed, configured and running on the CS1000.

Applications includes all applications which are deployed via deployment manager.



This will backup the linuxbase base and all deployed and configured application database to USB/CF card.

Note : If an application is only deployed but not configured, those applications wont be backed up and will have empty folders.


This command allows users to define the storage to backup data (USB device or SFTP server), and choose the type of backup (one-time backup or scheduled). It uses the crontab mechanism to perform scheduled backup.
Run `sysbackup -b` to execute one-time backup. The user will be invited to choose back up to USB device or backup via SFTP to a remote server.

To take backup to CPPM USB/CF card, insert the Compact Flash/USB storage into CPPM Server.

Login with admin account.

Execute below command:
$ sysbackup -b
1. Backup to USB device.
2. Backup to SFTP server.
Enter your choice (q for exit): 1

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