CS1000: How to power down the CS1000 Call Server ?

Doc ID    ADMN111465
Version:    6.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    05 Oct 2015
Created Date:    18 Mar 2013


Take a backup of the CS1000 Call Server before shutting down.
Steps to take CS1000 Call Server data base.
1.       Insert a Compact Flash card (for CPPM/CPP4 servers) or USB (for CPDC/CPMG servers) in CS1000 Call Server.
2.       Login to Call Server overlay.
3.       Go to Overlay 43.
4.       Execute the command EDD. This will backup Call Server database to USB/Compact flash card.
Steps to shutdown CS1000 Call Server.
1.        There is no special command to gracefully shutdown the Call Server before powering it off. Please go a head and power off the chasis once the Call Server data base is backed up.
2.       Once the system is powered down, if required please plug out the cards (CPPM, MGC, PRI, DLC, etc) from the chasis.
3.       Plug out the power cables if required.
To restore the power, check the restoring power procedures

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