Avaya Cloud Office : Set Up Your Voicemail Greeting

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Published date:    23 Aug 2022
Created Date:    14 Feb 2020


This article provides instructions on how to set up or customize your voicemail greeting through the online account.
The voicemail greeting is what callers hear when they reach your voice mailbox.
Follow the steps below to set up your personalized voicemail greeting.

1. Log in to the Avaya Cloud Office online account (service.cloudoffice.avaya.com).
2. Go to Settings Voicemail.
3. Under Work Hours and/or After Hours,  click Edit below Voicemail Greeting.
4. Select Custom under Set Greeting. If you have an existing greeting, click the red button first to see the recording options. Choose your preferred method to customize the greeting:

• Phone - Choose or enter a number where the system will call you. Follow the prompts to record the greeting
• Computer Microphone - Connect a computer microphone and record the greeting directly
• Importing - Upload an mp3 or wav audio file

5. You can do the following actions once you have customized the greeting:

• Click Play to listen to the custom recording
• Click Record to change or replace the custom recording

play to listen

6. Click Done.
7. Click Save.


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