COVID-19: Avaya's Offers To Enable Customers To Work From Home Or Remotely

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Version:    27.0
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Published date:    26 Oct 2020
Created Date:    13 Mar 2020
Russell Brookes


This article contains instructions and reference material for customers that want to enable their staff to work at home or remotely due to the COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus) pandemic. 

If you have an Avaya login, please click here to view a version of this article that may contain additional information available to you.

For free 90 subscriptions to Avaya Spaces™ - click here to get started right away.  If you are with an educational or nonprofit organization, and after getting started using the previous link, would like to extend your subscription to Aug 31, 2020 (in specific countries), click here to extend your subscription.

Avaya Spaces™ offers cloud-based easy to use video conferencing, team spaces, and file sharing capability that is great for enabling small and large groups to work together even when they can't be together.  For example if you wanted to have a video call or an audio call with one or more people you can meet in your space and see/speak with one another as well as share files, screens, and chat.  As a meet-me or conferencing style service, it does not provide a one to one phone service where individuals can make a phone call (other than calling into a "space"), or receive a phone call (other than someone calling into your "space"). 


For contact centers needing to have their agents work at home or remotely, Avaya is offering free 90 day Avaya Contact Center licenses - click here, to get started.  

For an overview of Avaya COVID-19 Remote Working Solutions - click here.




If you are in need of technical support to enable your staff to work at home or remotely please feel free to call Avaya for assistance using the appropriate regional phone number listed in article DOCS100733

For existing Avaya customers there are a number of ways to enable staff to work remotely.  Below are some options and supporting information:

Enable the EC500 feature which will allow staff to receive calls to their work number on their cell phone, or on another number.  See FAQ108243 for information on How to Configure EC500.  

Use an IP Softphone to connect to your Avaya system.  Softphone download and documentation can be found at

For contact centers agents, consider using Avaya Agent for Desktop.  Information on Deploying and configuring Avaya Agent for Desktop can be found at, and in FAQ116961

For IP Office customers, needing to configure your Avaya Session Border Controller to enable IP Office Remote workers, please refer to:

If you have Avaya Oceana Agents working in the office, you can enable these agents to work remotely.  For more information on this see FAQ116934 

For attendant applications, consider using Avaya one-X® Attendant PC application.  Download and documentation can be found at



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