Proactive Contact: How to Troubleshoot System that is Down after a Power Outage

Doc ID    SOLN102315
Version:    10.0
Status:    Published
Published date:    06 Jun 2017
Created Date:    28 Mar 2007



Proactive Contact Supervisor and agents lose all access to dialer by headset or by network.

Problem Clarification

Problem: Proactive Contact server loses power.

A check of the Proactive Contact Digital Switch and a remote connection to the system show the switch to be ok, and that it did not suffer a power loss. However, CPU is not accessible on console or network.

See article ID SOLN104645, Switch Error: 'ALM090: Printer Off Line'  for determining whether dialer Digital Switch suffered a power outage".

Performing a power reset of the server enables access to the server, and a check of the account file shows a gap in processing between the time the system is reported as inoperable, and the time that the system is able to access to have no activity recorded in any log files, particularly the account file.  For example:.

2006/08/25!08.39.17!S28835!agent!agent.c!724!PID(27715)!Agent process startup, logon id = UNKNOWN

2006/08/25!08.39.17!S28836!agent!agent_misc_util.c!1226!PID(27715)!Agent sign on, logon id = AEP0I8L

2006/08/25!08.40.46!S28835!agent!agent.c!724!PID(27716)!Agent process startup, logon id = UNKNOWN

2006/08/25!08.40.46!S28836!agent!agent_misc_util.c!1226!PID(27716)!Agent sign on, logon id = MXS0P7X

2006/08/25!10.08.05!M88105!!!0!PID(1018)!Initiating startup of Avaya PDS MidTier Database::/sbin/rc3.d/S991avayadb:start_stop:


2006/08/25!10.08.05!M89600!!!0!PID(1041)!ENVFILE SCRIPT:admin:/opt/avaya/pds/customs/rcvfile_check::

2006/08/25!10.08.05!0000!!!0!PID(1044)!There Was No rcvfile30.raw Data To Compare. No Processing Done

2006/08/25!10.08.24!M88111!!!0!PID(1174)!Startup of Avaya PDS MidTier Database complete::/sbin/rc3.d/S991avayadb:start_stop:

2006/08/25!10.08.24!M88104!!!0!PID(1192)!Initiating startup of Avaya PDS MidTier Service::/sbin/rc3.d/S993avayamts:start_stop:

2006/08/25!10.08.32!logger!!!0!PID(1312)!logger started up



Power to the server lost,
or possibly the server power supply itself has suffered a fault and/or damage.

Sources of damage to a power supply could be an abnormal power interruption, a power spike, physical damage, etc (examples only).


Troubleshooting the cpu1 server power supply:
  1. Check the power cord from the server to the in cabinet power supply,
  2. Verify with onsite technician that the power is connected per manufacture design to power strip.
  3. Verify power strip plugged into dialer power supply (UPS).
  4. UPS can be ruled out as a problem source since the switch did not suffer a power outage.
  5. Correct any issues with power supply to server from UPS.
  6. If the power supply to the server is ok, identify the server model number, and Avaya part number.
  7. Place an order to replace the server power supply with an onsite technician, if the power supply is faulty.

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Additional Relevant Phrases

CPU went down unexpectedly, No power to the Dialer Server. *** Power outage happened, which caused headset card to go into Maintenance mode. Suggested to reset the card, issue has been resolved. All the services are up and running now. ***

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