Avaya Visio Stencil Library

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Published date:    08 Sep 2009
Updated:    26 Nov 2017
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The Avaya Visio Stencil Library is a support tool sponsored by Avaya Technology & Consulting (ATAC). Our goal is to make it easy for customers, Business Partners, and our sales associates to illustrate Avaya solutions. These tools will be provided in read-only .vss file format for you to open as a stencil when creating Visio drawings of Avaya solutions for implementation and documentation purposes. You can drag and drop product shapes directly onto your drawing. The stencils should stretch and scale accurately and provide connection points for incorporating into your drawings.  

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This knowledge article links to the area on the Avaya support site that you can find the Avaya Visio Stencil Library.  In addition to the stencil downloads, this link also explains how to use the stencils and provides sample stencils.




The following URL is for the Avaya Visio Stencil Library:



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