Scopia Elite MCU:How to perform graceful shutdown of Avaya MCU

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Version:    8.0
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Published date:    11 Jan 2018
Created Date:    06 Feb 2013
Pawan Sharma


Avaya Multipoint Conference Unit 5K & 6K

Problem Clarification

Scenario 1

Need to perform graceful shutdown of Avaya MCU.

Scenario 2

After power outage need to start MCU manually . 


Scenario 1

If there is any "Power Outage" going and there is need to perform the graceful shutdown.

Scenario 2

Due to power outage MCU do not boot manually.


Scenario 1

1) Make sure there are no audio/video calls running on MCU.To verify this you may check the utilization and conference on the MCU home page.

- To access MCU home page,open a web browser and type the ip address of the MCU.Then login with the user credentials.

- In the upper right corner of the browser screen is a hot button "Manage Conferences". Click on this bitton to open a second web browser page with a list of active conferences.

2) Once you are logged into MCU via web, Click on wrench icon and select "backup configuration".Now browse to save the file on your desktop.

3) From the rear side of the MCU box, turn off the power switch and remove the power cable.

Scenario 2

Working as design. It is recommended procedure after a sudden electricity shutdown is to power on the servers manually.

Additional Relevant Phrases

basically want to configure MCU to keep the last state and not remain turned off when power comes back. After power outage MCU do not boot automatically.

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