Avaya one-X Agent: Error "your login attempt unsuccessful due to unknown reason" upon login

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Version:    15.0
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Published date:    14 Dec 2020
Created Date:    23 Mar 2015


 One-X Agent 2.5.5 And CM 6.3


Problem Clarification

User Unable to register One-X Agent into the CM. When user tried to log in into the One X Agent it shows an error  "Failed to login for unknown reasons"

or Error " Your login attempt was unsuccessful due to unknown reasons. please refer the troubleshooting guide or contact your system administrator "


There are multiple reasons for this error to be presented to the user, the following are a couple of possible reasons. The specific root cause should be determined by Avaya Support or Business Partner

  • Incorrect extension "type" administered in CM.  User tried to use 1616 as phone type.
  • Incorrect user type
  • Missing License
  • Time out on the supplied AUX code



*****one-X Agent 2.5.8 PATCH 6 has provided this native support, part of Solution is to upgrade to latest version of software*****


The One-X Agent release 2.5.5 does not support the 96X1 in CM. It needs to be set as 96XX type set example (9630, 9640 etc) 

Please Refer to the below document under the topic "IP Telephones for the Desk Phone Mode" (Page 19)



Here’s an excerpt from the document


IP Telephones for the Desk Phone mode

Avaya one-X® Agent supports the Avaya deskphone series.

The following deskphone types are available on Communication Manager and officially supported with Avaya one-X® Agent:

• Avaya 24xx series

• Avaya 46xx series

• Avaya 64xx series

• Avaya 96xx series, except 9610. The 9610 deskphone is incompatible with ACD deskphone.


Avaya 96x1 sets, aliased as 96xx sets if operating with Communication Manager before the 6.2 release.

• Clarisys i750 USB Internet Phone


You can use the 16xx series H.323 deskphones with Avaya one-X® Agent if the deskphones are provisioned as 46xx series deskphones on Communication Manager


If the set type is configured accordingly and the user type is matching with the available licenses and the problem still persists, please open a Service Request with Avaya Support for investigation.

Additional Relevant Phrases

Can't register extension on One-x Agent SIP via public SIP registrar; One-X Communicator works fine Customer can't login One-X Agent with type 9608. error stating it was unable to login due to unknown reasons. 1xAgent registration fails intermittently.

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