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Screen Feature List

This table lists the INTUITY AUDIX LX Release 1 features in alphabetical order.

Table: INTUITY AUDIX LX Release 1 Feature List
Feature Administration Screen
Access Security Gateway (ASG)
Permits system administrators to add an extra layer of security for remote dial-in access.
ASG Security Login Administration
ASG Security Port Administration
ASG Security Violation Warning Administration
Activity Log
Permits system administrators to investigate reported problems with message waiting notification and the delivery of messages.
System Parameters
Activity Log
Allows subscribers to address voice mail messages by name as well as by extension.
Subscriber, Page 2
Administration and Data Acquisition Package (ADAP)
Permits system administrators direct access to the system database through a PC interface from which traffic and usage reports can be generated.
See the ADAP documentation
AMIS Analog Networking
Allows subscribers to exchange voice mail messages with any other voice mail system that has Audio Messaging Interchange Specification (AMIS) analog capabilities.
System Parameters Analog Networking
Machine Profile
Remote Subscriber
AMIS-Trace Activation
Announcement Sets
Permits system administrators to record, change, or listen to announcement fragments. (Fragments are short sections of AUDIX voice prompts.)
Announcement Sets
Copy Announcement
Automated Attendant
Offers callers a voiced menu of options and then routes calls to various destinations according to the touchtone keys the caller presses.
Menus vary according to schedule.
Class of Service
Subscriber pages
List Attendants
List Auto-Attendant Schedules
Business Schedule
Holiday Schedule
Routing Table
Automatic Message Scan
Allows subscribers to scan all message headers and/or messages at the touch of two buttons.
This feature is automatically available to all subscribers

Broadcast Message
Permits system administrators and subscribers with broadcast privileges to send special messages to all local subscribers simultaneously.
Class of Service
Bulletin Board
Permits system administrators to set up a special number that plays a recorded message to callers. It is often used with the Automated Attendant feature.
Class of Service
Call Answer
Allows subscribers the basic function of the system answering calls and recording messages when subscribers are away from the phone or on the phone.
Class of Service
Call Answer Disable
Allows subscribers to disable call answer messages when on vacation or extended leave.
System Parameters Features
Delivery Scheduling
Allows subscribers to schedule delivery of messages for specific days and times.
This feature is automatically available to all subscribers. Delivery times for AMIS networked messages are set system wide on the System Parameter Outcalling screen.
Dial Ahead/Through
Allows subscribers to move forward through the system's voice prompts and to queue up a series of commands.
None. This feature is automatically available to all subscribers.

Allows subscribers to choose another subscriber by name rather than extension number.
Class of Service
System Parameters Features
Digital Networking Allows subscribers to exchange voice messages with subscribers on other INTUITY systems using TCP/IP. Machine Profile Digital Networking
System Parameter Limits Digital Networking
Allows subscribers to access a system directory so subscribers can look up other subscriber's names and numbers quickly.
Class of Service
Enhanced-List Application (ELA)
Allows subscribers to distribute messages to up to 1500 recipients, to call one number and receive messages from multiple locations, and to send messages to a public mailbox.
Class of Service
Sending Restrictions
Set Up Enhanced-List System Data
Administer Enhanced-Lists
Allows subscribers to transfer of a wide variety of message types across a computer network or to the Internet.
Change system-parameters imapi-options
Add trusted-server
Change imapi-password
Change subscriber
Escape to Attendant
Allows callers to redirect their calls from the INTUITY AUDIX system (in call answer mode) to an administered personal attendant or operator.
System Parameters Features
Allows callers to disconnect from the system without hanging up. This feature is particularly convenient when a caller is using a calling card.
This feature is automatically available to all users

FAX Messaging
Allows subscribers to create, send, receive, store, and print a FAX message.
System Parameters Features
Change machine machine_name
Change system features
Full Mailbox Answer Mode
Allows callers to choose among options for completing a call when the recipient's mailbox is full.
System Parameters Features
Guest Password
Allows callers who are not INTUITY AUDIX subscribers to access the system and leave messages for subscribers.
System Parameters Features
Internet Messaging
See Email earlier in this table.
Leave Word Calling
Allows callers on the same switch to leave or send a standard format message, usually by the touch of a button, requesting that the called party return the call.
None. This feature is automatically available to all users. See the DEFINITY Administration Manual for more information.

Login Announcement
Permits system administrators and subscribers with broadcast privileges to create a special announcement that all subscribers hear when they log in to the system. The message cannot be deleted by the subscribers and is repeated each time a subscriber logs in until it is removed.
Class of Service
Mailing List
Allows subscribers to create lists for delivering messages to a group of subscribers at once.
Class of Service
Message Delivery
Allows subscribers to send voice mail messages to any touchtone telephone anywhere in the world.
This feature is automatically available to all subscribers on a system with AMIS. Delivery times for AMIS networked messages are on the set system-parameter outcalling screen.
System Parameters Features
Message Manager
Allows subscribers to access INTUITY AUDIX voice- processing features at PCs that have Message Manager client software and LAN access to an INTUITY AUDIX server.
System Parameters Features
(IMAPI fields)
Message Sending Restrictions
Permits system administrators to avoid abuse or misuse of voice mail by restricting to whom certain subscribers can send messages. It can be administered by subscriber or class of service. It does not restrict subscribers from leaving call answer messages.
System Parameters Sending Restrictions
MessageWaiting Indicator
Informs subscribers of new messages with either a message waiting lamp or stutter dial tone.
None. This feature is automatically available to all subscribers.

Multiple Personal Greetings
Allows subscribers to record and store up to nine personal greetings, up to three of which can be active at once. Each greeting can be set to answer either all calls, or one of three call types: internal/external, busy/ no answer, or out-of-hours.
System Parameters Features
Name Record By Subscriber
Allows subscribers to record their own names, which are voiced during greetings, while addressing, and in message headers.
System Parameters Features
Online Help
Permits system administrators to easily obtain information about how to use the system.
Help (for system and voice messaging administrators)
Allows subscribers to set the system to call a specified number to notify them of new messages. This feature can be activated for specific time periods.
Class of Service
System Parameters Outcalling
Personal Directory
Allows each subscriber to create a private list of customized names (aliases) that correspond to other subscribers or extensions. As with the system directory, the personal directory can be queried by name used for addressing messages, transferring calls, and creating mailing lists.
None. This feature is automatically available to all subscribers.

Playback and Recording Control
Allows subscribers to listen to call answer and voice mail messages that they create or receive and then replay the entire message or step backwards or forwards in four second intervals.
None. This feature is automatically available to all subscribers.

Priority Message
Allows subscribers who have permission to send priority messages, which are specially marked and preferentially presented to recipients.
Class of Service
Priority Outcalling
Allows subscribers to activate an option of the Outcalling feature that activates outcalling only when they have new priority messages.
Class of Service
System Parameters Outcalling
Private Message
Allows subscribers or callers to designate a message they create as private, which prevents the message from being forwarded.
None. This feature is automatically available to all subscribers.

Security Password
Allows subscribers to protect their mailboxes by restricting access.
Administration Log, which shows possible violations under "Failed Logins"
System Parameters Features
Shared Extension
Allows each of several subscribers who share one extension to have a private voice mailbox.
Automated Attendants
Subscriber (Page 2 and Page 3)
Class of Service
System Clock
Provides a system clock that has backup power for maintaining accurate time records for message headers and delivery scheduling.
Set Date and Time
Text-to-Speech (TTS)
Allows subscribers to listen to text messages that the system converts to speech.
System Parameters Features
Voice Equipment
Traffic Reports
Permits system administrators to generate statistics about the number and timing of calls that go through the system and about the messages sent and received between networked machines.
Traffic Reports
System Parameters Features
Transfer Into AUDIX/Mailbox
Allows attendants to transfer forwarded or otherwise redirected calls into the system, so that callers can leave messages for the subscribers they are trying to reach.
None. This switch feature is available to attendants who know the code.

Transfer Out of AUDIX
Allows callers who have called or been redirected to the INTUITY AUDIX system to leave the system and transfer to any extension in the switch's dial plan.
System Parameters Features
Untouched Message
Allows subscribers to listen to messages or message headers in the incoming section of their voice mailboxes without changing the status of the messages from new or unopened to old.
This feature is automatically available to all subscribers

Verify Automated- Attendant Menu Tree
Permits system administrators to have the system trace a menu tree and prints error messages and/or menu tree entries.
Display Automatic-attendant-routing menu-tree
Voice Mail
Allows subscribers to record a verbal message that can be sent to one or more subscribers on the INTUITY AUDIX system.
System Parameters Limits
Class of Service
Voice Mailbox
Provides a storage area (voice mailbox) on disk for each subscriber. The mailbox is divided into separate sections for incoming and outgoing messages. The incoming section stores call answer and voice mail messages left by others. The outgoing section stores voice mail messages and personal greetings created by the subscriber.
This feature is automatically available to all subscribers

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