Telephone settings in one-X Portal

Avaya one-X Portal gives you the power to choose which telephone you want to use to receive, initiate and listen to telephone calls. No matter which telephone you choose, or where you are physically located, if you use one-X Portal, your business number displays as your Caller ID.

You can configure your telephone settings in one-X Portal to change your telephone availability for the people who call your business number. When you begin your one-X Portal session, you can choose to use any of the following telephones:

If you need to temporarily use a different telephone during a session, you can change your telephone availability to find you at that telephone number.


The telephone or telephones that you select for your telephone availability can be the same or different from the telephone that you select when you log in.

For example, you select your desk telephone when you log in. At lunch time, you need to leave your office to pick up lunch, but do not want to miss an important call from a customer. You expect to return to your office shortly and do not want to log out of one-X Portal and select another telephone. Instead, you configure your telephone availability with also ring to be available at your cell phone. When someone calls your desk phone, one-X Portal rings your cell phone and your desk phone. When you return to your office, you update your telephone availability to remove your cell phone, and your calls ring only on your desk telephone.