Security certificates overview

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A Security certificate contains encryption keys. Once you accept a security certificate, all data that is transmitted between the server and your browser is encrypted to prevent unauthorized users from intercepting and viewing it (for example, passwords or other sensitive information).

Types of Avaya security certificates

Security alerts for server certificates and how to resolve them

About security certificates

Types of Avaya security certificates

The Avaya media server uses two kinds of security certificates:

Security alerts for server certificates

Occasionally, a Security Alert screen might appear when you try to log in. This screen may indicate problems with the server security certificate.

Additional problems with the security certificate include:  browser> encountered bad data from the server. You may see this error if someone else updates the security certificate for the media server while you are accessing the web interface. If this happens:

  1. Exit the browser (close the application).

  2. Open the browser again, then log back in to the Avaya media server.

  3. You must accept the new certificate to access the server again.

About security certificates

A security certificate is a file that a web server and your browser exchange.  You use a security certificates to: