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rodri1239 01-13-2020 06:29 AM

Avaya IP Phones
Hi all,
I am preparing a Customer offer with IP Office R11 but I need to include Ip Phones with the follow specifications:

-at least 2 SIP accounts
-LDC Color Display with 4" inch
-Possibility to have until 4 expansion modules.

Do you know if Avaya has a IP Phone with this specifications?

Many thanks

gkeh 04-23-2020 04:43 AM

IPO server edition version build 74 Vodafone SIP trunks doesn't work
Hi everyone, I encounter this issue:
The customer have extensions twinned to cell phones and trying call control but it doesn't work. They never receive a dialtone. I believe this has something to do with the DTMF protocol. They also provide some Cfg file and they were hoping to be able to transfer calls back to an extension with call control.

Any advice on this for to prove that this has something to do with the DTMF protocol but not SRTP is used on the connection between
Avaya IP Office and the Avaya SBCE.

Kindly please advice on the issue.
Thank you.

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