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stirl6 02-03-2020 12:08 PM

Slow downloads
Avaya Support really needs to work on their Support Site downloads. The downloads are 20th century slow. I tried it at work with our 500MB bandwidth circuit and it was excruciatingly slow. So, now I am connected on my home 1GB AT&T circuit with no other users and it is just as slow. It should take less than a minute; I will be nice and say that giving it 10x that long would be acceptable (10 minutes). But over an hour? When I have multiple files to download so I can build multiple different server applications (Experience Portal EPM, MPP, NSS, CBA, etc.).

mlombardi1 02-05-2020 08:16 AM

What speeds are you experiencing? I average around 2 MB/s downstream from PLDS.

ottavd 09-07-2021 07:31 AM

45 minutes for 4.5 GB on my side.

I have a 1 Gigabits link with my ISP. Please Avaya correct this issue.

This problem is occuring very often.

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