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jtarjanyi 05-28-2020 04:04 AM

ACCS Submodul in CalFlow
I'm new in ACCS so have to lear a lot to create a callflow in OD. I have already checked the sample callflow, and went trough the OD documentation, but still have lots of unanswered question. One of those is how to create a sub-module?

I IPOCC and in VMPro I able to create modul (macro) wich can be used more than one time. For eg. opening hours check (combined holiday and opening hurs check together with other special variable check) for different call flow.

In the main script I can call an other script/app with Reference node but it cannot return back especially not with different values (however this diff values can be handle with variable). I guess this can be done somehow. Anyone can give me some guidance?

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