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love7 04-11-2013 01:31 PM

9620 phones restore to factory default
with the 9620 phones it appears once the phone registers an extension it always remember that extension. even after deleting the extension and user profile in IP Office. can the phone be reset to facoty default where it has no extension assigned.

wkirk 04-12-2013 02:18 PM

Try this:
Clearing a Phone

Clearing all system initialization values back to their default settings and deleting all user-specific data is intended primarily for repair and for use when the phone is given to a new user. This returns the phone near to its original, out-of-box state. The phone will yet retain the firmware files it has already downloaded.

Note: Some parameters, such as button clicks, error tones, and personalized ringing, may be set for a specific user via the http://marketingtools.avaya.com/know...enu.zoom70.png MENU. These user settings will be restored when you register the user to the phone because those parameters are configured in IP Office. All other settings (e.g. Contact data, Options settings, etc.) will be cleared from the phone.

1600, 4600 and 5600 Series Phones
1.While the phone is on-hook and idle, press the following sequence: MUTE 2 5 3 2 7 # (MUTE C L E A R #). Clear all values? is displayed.
2.To cancel this procedure press *. To continue press #.
As soon as you press #, all static information will be erased without any possibility of recovering the data.
3.Whilst the system values are reset to their defaults, Clearing values is displayed.
4.Once all values are cleared, the phone will restart as if it is a new phone.

9600 Series Phones
1.While the phone is on-hook and idle, press the following sequence: MUTE 2 7 2 3 8 # (MUTE C R A F T #).
2.Scroll the menu and select Clear.
3.Press Clear again to confirm the action. The phone settings are cleared and the phone restarts.


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