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agronw 07-28-2015 02:36 AM

96x1 searching for gatekeeper every now and then, Deny Event Error 1997
hi community,

we are facing an issue with our 9611-deskphones. Every now and then our customer complains, that phones are displaying "searching for gatekeeper". after some seconds (around 30) connection is established again. The error is appearing randomly, usually not twice on the same device. That is the reason why we are a bit helpless here...

What I can see in CM-logs is the following:
20150728:095616173:8995642:capro(30443):MED:[ DENYEVT ERR event=1997 d1=9d66 d2=10.xyz.abc.123]
20150728:095616173:8995643:hmm(30438):MED:[ MTCEVT ERR type=0321 lname=5400 pn1=000007cd pn2=00009d66 aux=0ac2d07b rc=0]

DENYEVT ERR event=1997 means:IP URJ-User is on a call | Unregistration Request rejected because the user is on a call | UID IP address ofthe endpoint

What the heck is requesting this unregistration? We can exclude that some administrator is doing this. In addition we see in "list history" no further entries for this extension...?!?!

kind regards,

evertw 07-29-2015 07:07 AM

Is this a main or a remote location?
If this is a remote location it could be a firewall issue.
Maybe you can try to change the option Near End Establishes TCP Signaling Socket? y from y to n on the ip network region form.

agronw 07-29-2015 07:15 AM

It is a remote location, and the parameter is set to y, but that was the preferred setting referring to avaya technicians.

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