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mmmackin 06-13-2012 12:42 PM

Support Site Tip: Viewing/Searching Service Requests
If you are logged in, you can see open and closed Service Requests in two locations on the Avaya Support website: Support Dashboard or Service Request pages.
  • In the Dashboard, you will see your 10 most recently opened or closed Service Requests. These include all Service Requests that have been created by you, or in which you are identified as the Primary Contact.
  • In the Service Request web page, you will see, by default, all open Service Requests created in the last 30 days, associated to Sold Tos to which you have been registered. You can filter this list to search by other parameters, such as SR Type, Date Created, Contact, Status, Severity, Location, Customer, and more. Read the full article
If you still do not see all Sold Tos to which you believe you should be associated, please contact the Avaya IT Help Desk at http://support.avaya.com/contact/ or send an email to avayaaccess@avaya.com.

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