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rpejer 08-13-2013 11:52 PM

Voice Vlan

Were to purchase new ers pwr+ switches but i have a challenge on how our existing cisco ip phone would work the way cisco switch did. Whats the exact configuration on each ers port to have a separate vlan for data and cisco ip phone for voice..


knemallapudi 09-12-2013 08:24 AM

Voice and data vlan config
I think it's best if you refer to the IP telephony document to help you understand the config better. Look for the document "Avaya IP Telephony Deployment Technical Configuration Guide" , Document Number : NN48500-517. You will find this easily on the "support.avaya.com" site.
Hope this helps!

rameshng 10-28-2013 03:29 AM

Cisco has a concept of Voice VLAN. In Avaya, this configuration achieved by port configuration "tag pvid" . there are four port modes which you can keep the port in.
Switch port mode
1. Access
2. Tag All (trunk)
3. Tag pvid
4. Untag pvid

Explains each one of this.
1. The port will be in access mode and will part of one VLAN only, which is the pvid
2. The port can be part of all / any VLAN. All packets will be tagged.
3. This mode will keep the pvid tagged. all other packet will go untagged.
4. This will send all packets tagged, except the pvid vlan packet.

While you having an IP Phone and a PC connected to that IP Phone, the recommended port mode is TAG PVID, and mention the IP PHone VLAN (voice vlan) as pvid.

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