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hanlo4 05-12-2021 07:04 AM

Issue Server VM build 209 Crash
Our server vm, brand new install. The IP Office service has crashed 10 times in the last day. It reboots and comes back very quickly. Any ideas on why the service would crash intermittently.

We have a service ticket in for this. But just wondering if someone else has ran into the same issue?

somer10 05-21-2021 01:24 AM

We have a similar problem with the vmpro service on a fresh installed application server.

I've logged a ticket to find out the problem.

One of my colleague's just heard about a possible problem with the OVA file of R11.1FP1.
Apparently the specs in the OVA are not correct, check the specs in the manuals for your server. The CPU cycles in the OVA might be incorrect.
-> This is just hearsay from other engineers, no confimation yet from Avaya.

hanlo4 11-03-2021 11:23 AM

This turned out to be an issue with announcements where every time an announcement was played it crashed the IP office service on the server.

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