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gcoolong 02-16-2014 04:05 PM

One-X Mobile 5.2 Import Users - Extension Question
Since I upgraded to 5.2, I have been having a problem importing users. I think I've figured out the issue, but now when they import, the users show the entire phone number instead of the 4 digit extension.

In Active Directory, the TelephoneNumber field is populated in the format of 555-555-1212, and that is what gets imported, whereas the extension is actually 1212.

Prior to upgrading, it would import users and convert the 555-555-1212 to 1212.

I tried changing the "Determine Extension from" attribute under the Setup Profile / Class of Service to "Phone number using Phone number Conversion to Extension", but when I do that, no users import and it says "Importing Users did not complete successfully. LdapSearchFailed".

Any suggestions on how convert the full DID to the extension? (Other than changing the format in AD, too many things are tied into it the way it is.)


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