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jacks196 08-17-2015 07:43 AM

AACC Multimedia email with TLS
We are trying to configure CCMM to retrieve email from our Exchange servers using POP3 and TLS security. We have configured everything according to the AACC Admin guide regarding importing the certificates into Java and have configured the TLS security with the CCMM Administration tool.

When CCMM tries to poll an Exchange mailbox we receive the error below:

"javax.mail.AuthenticationFailedException: Command is not valid in this state."

I have run a Wireshark trace on CCMM whilst the server is trying to poll the mailbox and can see that CCMM is passing the user name for the mailbox to Exchange as plain text, Exchange then rejects the request as our Exchange servers will only accept traffic encrypted with TLS.

Anyone any ideas, if Avaya will only work by sending the mailbox username and password to Exchange as plain text then using TLS seems like a pointless feature and it will unfortunately mean we are unable to use email within AACC ?


jacks196 08-26-2015 05:26 AM

Now working - selecting TLS as the encryption method wouldn't work no matter what I tried, but selecting SSL worked without any problems.

....pitty that sensitive customer emails are stored as plain text within the CCMM database though, encyrpting the traffic between CCMM / Exchange is just like plugging one hole in a cullendar!


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