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azamez 09-12-2016 04:35 PM

How to upgrade WAP 9122
i have a couple of brand new aps WAP 9122 with this firmware

Avaya Wi-Fi Access Point
AvayaOS Version 7.0.1-4942
Copyright (c) 2005-2014 Avaya, Inc.

i wish to upgrade to the latest version but using web interface does only upload the image file

and when using the CLI the aps ask for a license ...

APSITE(config)# file active-image XS-8.1.3-6662.bin
Checking image integrity ....... failed
Software image license check failed. Please contact Avaya Customer Support (support@avaya.com) to request a new license key. Image will be deleted
Do you want to proceed? [yes/no]: no

what´s going on?

azamez 09-13-2016 02:26 PM

hi there.... i found the solution, but there is some issues about the article


in fact you must get to obtain a version 7.0.7 and update to this using FTP, i tried TFTP with no success.
i Did not test web interface and WOS.

version 7.0.7 removes all license restrictions about updating and after that, you can go straight to the desired version.

APSITE# show system-info

Hardware Configuration
Model: WAP9122, 1.0GB (400MHz)

Component Part Number Serial Number Date
--------- --------------- --------------- -----------------
System WAP9122 A270519019288 2015-May-11 9:35
Controller 100-0167-001.A 0000103048 2015-May-11 9:35
IAP Module 1 100-0166-002.2 0002142322 2015-May-11 14:00
IAP Module 2 100-0166-002.2 0002142154 2015-May-11 14:00

Interface MAC Address(es)
---------- --------------------------
IAPs 64:a7:dd:30:4e:20-30:4e:3f
Gigabit 1 64:a7:dd:01:92:88
Gigabit 2 64:a7:dd:01:92:89

Software Configuration
Component Version
--------------- -----------------------------------
SCD Firmware 5.00 (Oct 1 2012), Build: 4651
Boot Loader 7.1.0 (Jul 11 2016), Build: 7140
IAP Driver 3.1.0 (Jun 20 2016), Build: 4222
System Software 8.1.3 (Jul 11 2016), Build: 6662
App Signatures unknown
Flash Memory eMMC Flash Disk
License Key 1TFKJ-P748L-U4W47-3P9R4
License Features AOS 8.1 for 2 4x4 radios + RF Performance Manager + RF Analysis Manager + RF Security Manager + 802.11n

Time this boot: Tue 2016-Sep-13 20:45:02 GMT

APSITE(config-file)# active-image
BIN-FILE New software image file name (filename must end in '.bin')
BIN-FILE XS-8.1.3-6662.bin

why dont put this info in the RELEASE NOTES??????

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