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gordo78 03-20-2015 12:18 PM

Can I hook up an external speaker to a 4424D+??
We have Avaya 4424D+ phones all over the building and in the warehouse. We use the intercom feature, but the volume is not loud enough to be heard across the warehouse floor. We want to add a self powered speaker to the one phone on the ware house floor. A LOUD speaker. I have 120v available to hang it on the wall and to power it if I can somehow get a low level audio signal out of the phone.

Similar to the speakers at car dealerships outside where everyone can hear for 200' around.

Can I do this? I see a headphone jack on the bottom of the phone, but it is a four pin RJ25 style telephone jack. There is also a jack on the side that has two rectangular holes about .75" apart. and the only other jack is an 8pin RJ45 phone jack labeled ADJ.

thiel2 03-23-2015 10:21 PM

Well, if you want to jury rig it, get a Valcom V-1030C 5-Watt self amplified horn and a matching power supply. Open up the phone, and solder onto the leads of the speaker that sits underneath the handset. That becomes the input to the horn, but every time you use the speakerphone of the telephone, it will come through the loudspeaker.

Otherwise, you need a line/trunk port on the Magix (Legend? what system is your 4424 connected to?), run to the LS trunk input of a Bogen UTI-1 and connect a Bogen self amplified speaker to the output. The UTI supplies the power for the speaker. You just need a spare pair from the control unit to the UTI's input.

gordo78 03-24-2015 03:54 AM

Answer #1 is exactly what I needed for a quick and dirty solution. I think the best solution would be to drill a hole in the casing of the phone and install a small audio jack like the size used with cell phones. Solder wires to the internal speaker and run them only a couple inches within the phone set itself. Then run a simple generic detachable audio cable to the horn about 10-12' farther up the wall. 120v is nearby on the wall for a cheapo transformer.

Thanks for the heads up about no more speakerphone use with the phone I pick. There are a couple out in the warehouse to choose from.

Answer 2 appears to be the perfect solution that would integrate with the phone system. I will have to go to the main office and poke around in the computer room to see what we even have. The whole system was installed years ago when the building was built and no one has any clue what might be in that room. I might get lucky and even find an UTI back there unused or even turned off. The spent tens of thousands of dollars installing all that stuff years ago. It would seem as though a warehouse system that big would have had some provision for a horn originally.


marzahn 04-16-2015 09:51 AM

A Good Application for Overhead Paging
Here's another answer Gordo. Any good data cabling contractor or yoiur Avaya Business Partner can set you up. Personnally, I like Bogen units (http://www.bogen.com/).

You will need an auxiliary trunk board (TN763) with which to connect it to the switch. Then you can page throughout your place from any phone.

gordo78 04-17-2015 06:01 AM

I opened up the phone and soldered two short leads onto the speaker wires and ran them to a 1/8" stereo jack which I mounted in the rear wall of the phone case. A regular stereo cord runs from the newly installed jack to the Valcom 1030C speaker mounted 20' high. At volume level 5, the Valcom works great.

At first I was hesitant about the 5 watt rating. My home stereo is supposed to be 100 watts. Boy was I surprised!!!!

The entire project including speaker, power supply, 100' of line cord to place the phone way out in the warehouse, stereo cable, jack, solder, etc was $175


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