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sfrits 08-17-2016 01:49 PM

Migrating VMPro from Linux to Windows OS
Is it possible to install VMPro on a Windows OS system and then move all the information (mailboxes, greetings, messages, call flows, etc.) from the Linux VMPro without loosing any of the information?

thiel2 08-17-2016 06:33 PM

Sure, export the .mdb file (entire database) for the call flows, then copy over the Accounts, Names, Greetings, and Wavs folders from the AppServer to the Windows machine.

Stop the VM service on the AppServer, change the VM address in the IPO to the Windows VM Pro system, and reboot. Let the Windows VM pro system sync users and groups. Import the .mdb file, save and make live. Copy and replace the Accounts, Names, Greetings, and Wavs folders, restart VM Pro service, and you should be good.

sfrits 08-18-2016 08:25 AM

Thanks for the response. Just found out that Customer has VMPro on an Avaya Application Server. They want to "backup" the data from the Linux App Server, Then reformat the server and load Windows Server OS on it. After that they want to then "restore" the system from the data that was saved. Not something I would recommend, but all the other VMPro systems the Customer has (multiple sites) are running on a Windows OS and they want this site to be the same. Doable? Issues or concerns they should be aware of?

thiel2 08-18-2016 01:33 PM

Doable - you're managing it from the Windows VM Pro Client, so use that for the call flow export, Don't forget to go through the tabs on Administration > Preferences > General and screen shot them so you can replicate. Use WinSCP to get the relevant folders.

Start up the new machine, and once it syncs to the IPO, replace the folders and restart services.

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