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esaban 01-28-2016 04:35 PM

Overflow Group Not Ringing
We have multiple medical locations which calls are routed to the call center. I have the main hunt group for the call center, and the overflow group in the main hunt group. When patients call any of our medical locations, calls are routed to the call center. When all the agents at the call center are busy, one of the extensions supposed to ring which is part of the overflow group. That extension that's in the overflow group rings only when calling the call center directly. Problem is it doesn't ring when calling medical centers and it gets routed to the call center when all the agents are busy. Anybody have any ideas what the issue is?

marzahn 02-11-2016 05:37 AM

Let's See the Vector Step Please
It depends on the way you are routing calls out to the overflow team. Would you post the portions of your vector that control overflow.

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