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ahakou 03-30-2015 04:39 AM

LF analog phone and faxes

im LF analog phone that meet this requirment

Plastic bodied heavy duty telephone.
Tone/pulse dialing.
Compatible with CO/PABX.
One inner board.
Connect telephone or line side by RJ11 connecter.
Easy maintenance
Easy disassemble
Handset maintenance repair ability
Ringer maintenance repair ability
Auto dial
Indicating led for ringer
Radial ,flash ,feature
Spare parts should be aviable in local market
Loud speaker (Hf hans free)
Caller ID ,power from line not external power

also im LF Thermal fax ,is there any thermal faxes that avaya supply?

also im LF heavy duty sainless steal phone is there any phones like that avaya supply ?

also im LF wirless gsm fax :P

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