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foste170 02-08-2021 06:01 PM

NO VoiceMail using DID Numbers and No AutoAttendant
When calling an inbound DID and then hitting either a voicemail box or an auto attendant I get no response, no sound at all, the call stays connected. All other SIP traffic seems to work just not when calling inbound to a DID. I have a dedicated SIP Trunk Line brought into the building provided by our Vendor using LAN2. LAN1 has Voicemail Pro and Handsets on it and works fine internally.

Here is the Logs from DbgViewer. The first line is concerning any ideas on how to make it find the correct session?

05/02 07:12:00.742 vmprov5s (09,3) bf4, ee4: VMServer::ProcessReceiveBuffer: Received request for a call with session 0000006c, however that call does not exist (received "VMMESSAGE_SEQ VMMESSAGE_SEQ, seq=00000039 - VMMESSAGE_UTF8HELD Session=0000006c, Seq=0, length=199" from

I haven't been able to find any documentation to help trace the source of the problem. Any help would be appretiated.

hanlo4 08-10-2021 04:53 AM

Have you verified where the call was going via system status. Does the voicemail module have audio?

What if you change the incoming call route to a group or user does it work?

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